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Reviewer's Profile

Matthew "Sajon" Weise

I'm a film/media studies major at UWMilwaukee. I like anime, and my education in cinema history is fairly solid, so most of my perspective on anime comes from a combination of film historians ideas on traditional narrative cinema and avant-garde cinema as well as my own personal feelings on the aethetics of low and high art. Basically what that means is that although I am very well aware of what crateria scholars and critics uniformly use to view movies with, I like to chuck it all out the window and just say whatever the hell I feel... while at the same time keeping a firm perspective on exactly how my opinion relates to (and, sometimes, compares to)elitist aethetics. I look for contextual cross-references I don't think people would ever think of but that seem incredibly obvious to me (for example, I'd love to do a comparison of Evangelion and Boogie Nights), and I like analysis that use the benefit of hindsight to really gain a unique perspective on movies that people would otherwise never group together (for example, I'd also love to write an essay explaining why Oshi Mamoru's Beautiful Dreamer is a better film about virtual reality and the nature of sitcom than Dark City, The Matrix, Pleasantville, and The Truman Show combined.) Aside from movies, my major critical influence is videogames and gaming narrative, which, naturally, has a hell of a lot to do with anime in general.

Anyway, that's my critical relm in a nutshell. As for normal, boring biography stuff, I was born near Chicago, IL, and lived most of my childhood on a small town outside of Urbana, IL. I am currently a college student and I plan on being either a media scholar or filmmaker someday.

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