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[Naomi Armitage doing what she does best...]

Armitage III

[ plot summary ]

genre: cyberpunk / science-fiction / action

Thirds -- the name given to the latest generation of robots who are virtually indistinguishable from humans. Ross Sylibus found his hands more than full when his re-assignment to St. Lowel City on Mars lands him in the middle of a battleground. Recovering from the recent loss of his partner in Chicago, he finds himself teamed up with yet another female cop: Armitage the Third.

This 1994 OAV series shares more than a passing resemblance to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, as both have their roots in Philip K. Dick's short story, Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? A movie has also been recently produced from the OAV series, and boasts a well-known cast list for the English dub. Released in North America by Pioneer LDC.

[ rated m ]

sexual content

Recommended for Mature Audiences - Violent, bloody and adult language used throughout. Armitage may be machine, but she does have some organic flesh that does bleed - and she does get banged up from time to time. But only a tenth as bad as she personally deals out. There is a fair amount of nudity, including some female full frontal scenes. A fair bit of profanity, though this is primarily a result of Pioneer's choice of words in translation. The "reproducing machine" issue is complex one, and suggests sexual themes, though they are discussed "clinically" and with no actual sex scenes.

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