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[Sol Bianca]
Sol Bianca
Episode 2: la Reminiscencia

Copyright: © 1999 AIC/Pioneer LDC, Inc.
Length: 30 minutes
Rating: 13 up
Format: Japanese Language, English Subtitled, dubbed (VHS/LD/DVD)

Director: Hiroyuki Ochi Screenplay: Hideki Mitsui Music: Seikou Nagaoka Produced by: Pioneer LDC/ Pioneer Entertainment

[ plot summary ]

The crew hears about a cursed planet that is rumoured to have treasures and, being pirates, the enticement proves too great. The crew finds a planet that is a wasteland of crumbling buildings. In the middle of the wasteland, they find a tall metal tower that embodies a hologram of the tower's creator via a computer in which the creator's personality has been downloaded. June and Mayo find themselves cut off from the rest of the crew and, with the help of a computer-generated image named Sancho, they must find their own way out. The tower's creator modelled it after Dante's Divine Comedy with traps set at each stage, thus escaping the tower proves to be an arduous task for the two ladies. Meantime, the rest of the crew are engaged in battling the Earth Force, who had been tailing the Sol Bianca.

[ capsule review ]

Episode 2 "La Reminiscencia" mainly deals with June and her determination to get through the high-tech version of Dante's Divine Comedy. The episode emphasises June's character and concentrates on June and Mayo's plight while trying to escape from the tower; the other crewmembers have only minor parts. During this episode, June has a memory flashback and we discover that she was found by April in the abandoned Sol Bianca. June is over confident and egotistical to a fault. She would not have reached heaven (the top of the tower) without Sancho pointing out the traps. The computer generated character "Sancho" looks like a version of Genie found in Aladdin. He plays a light-hearted character that I believe does not fit in well with the story.

So far in the series there is no strong theme connecting episodes, and this episode can be watched and understood without viewing the first episode. The only element that connects the first episode with the second is the appearance of the Terra Force, but if you have not seen the first episode you will assume that the Terra Force is after the same treasures as the Sol Bianca. The unique play on Dante's Divine Comedy piqued my interest in the story line of this episode. The superb animation, which is a dazzling treat for the eyes, and great music closely rival that of the first episode. "You're not all alone," being the stand out music track. The DVD layout is outstanding, one of the best I have seen. The menus resemble the control panels of the Sol Bianca and each section of the DVD is easily accessed. I will continue the series not only for the story content, but also for the superb animation and the great music.
- KM, 2001.03.29

[ café rating ]

Original: Subbed: Dubbed:
Story: N/A N/A 3 stars
Direction: N/A N/A 3 stars
Acting: N/A N/A 4 stars
Animation: N/A N/A 4 stars
Music: N/A N/A 4 stars
Translation: N/A N/R N/A
Overall Rating: N/A N/A 4 stars

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