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[Tetsuwan Birdy Logo]
Tetsuwan Birdy
(Birdy the Mighty)

genre: SF / Comedy-Drama / Action

Birdy is an elite, if somewhat unorthodox member of the Space Federation Police Force, assigned to track down an intergalactic fugitive on Earth. But things get a little complicated when a bit of carelessness gets an innocent civilian killed. The hapless Senkawa Tsutomu was a high school student, going through entrance exam hell. Now, he's a high school student, going through entrance exam hell, and forced to share a body with an officer of the law, just to survive! And things certainly aren't any easier when Tsutomu doesn't always have full control of his body, especially in front of his girlfriend!

Based on a manga series by Masami Yuuki, this somewhat off-beat series is directed by Kawajiri Yoshiaki (Ninja Scroll), and is distributed in North America by U.S. Manga Corp.

[ rated pg ]


Parental Guidance Advised - Several scenes of violence and brief nudity, though of non-sexual, and often slap-stick nature.

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