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vhs jacket

1 Pound no Gospel!
(One Pound Gospel)

© 1988 Takahashi Rumiko / Shogakukan Video, © 1995 Viz Video
Color / Stereo / 55 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles

Based on a manga series by Takahashi Rumiko.

cover synopsis

Rumiko Takahashi, creator of hit comdeies RANMA 1/2, LUM * URUSEI YATSURA and MAISON IKKOKU takes on her greatest challenge yet with this heaven-sent animated tale of a weak-willed young boxer who can't stop confessing his overeating sins, and a novice nun who can't resist the poor little pugilist who shows up on her doorstep.

KOSAKU HATANAKA is the first pro ever produced by Mukaida's Gym. He's also the bane of his coach's existence. Even though he's constanatly waging war against his appetite, Kosaku never met a meal he didn't like. Naturally, this plays havoc with his weight class. Junior bantamweight, bantamweight, junior featherweight... every time he moves up a class, his coach's hopes plummet. Isn't gluttony a sin?

SISTER ANGELA is a young novice nun who would save the world if she could. She's dedicated, passionate, convinced that pease and joy are possible if only you believe. Although she refuses to acknowledge it, the students at St. Mary's know that Kosaku comes to St. Mary's for more than confession... he comes to see the smile of the beautiful sister. Can her faith redeem the gluttonous appetite of the tempted lamb astride the scale?

Based on her original manga of the same name, Rumiko Takahashi's ONE POUND GOSPEL was first serialized in English in the pages of ANIMERICA, ANIME & MANGA MONTHLY, the country's premiere magazine of Japanese animation and comics. It appear here SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH for the very first time. ONE POUND GOSPEL is an anime knockout you'll never forget.

cast list

  • Hatamata Kosaku: Furuya Toru
  • Sister Angela: Tsuru Hiromi
  • Coach Mukaida: Nagai Ichiro
  • Kanatani: Shibata Hidekatsu
  • Amakusa: Shiozawa Kaneto
  • Ishida: Futamata Issei
  • Saka: Tomizawa Michie
  • Fujita: Suzuki Tomiko
  • Tabuchi: Tatsua Naoki
  • Yamamoto: Tanaka Kazumi
  • Reporter: Sato Masaharu
  • Referee: Kobayashi Michitaka

production info

  • Original story by: Takahashi Rumiko
  • Producers: Asami Isao, Senda Isao, Usami Kei, Wakana Akio
  • Screenplay: Takayashiki Hideo, Konparu Tomoko
  • Director: Saki Makura
  • Animation Director: Yamauchi Shojuro
  • Production Designer and Executive Producer: Asami Iaso
  • Character Design: Aoshima Katsumi
  • Art Director: Yamauchi Shojuro
  • Producer:Shogakukan, Victor Entertainment, OB Planning
  • Executive Producer of English Version: Horibuchi Seiji
  • English Translation: Studio Nemo

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