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vhs jacket

Iria: Zeiram the Animation
Episode 5: Kowaburi (Wind Song)

© 1994 Crowd/Bandai Visual/Mitsubishi Corporation/Banpresto
© 1995 US Manga Corps

Color / Stereo / 30 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles

cover synopsis

All hell's broken loose on the planet Myce. Zeiram's bizarre clones have appeared and citizens are disappearing without a trace. Is there a connection? In a top-secret conference with the leaders of Myce, Dr. Touka concludes that Zeiram is still alive and may be assimilating the organic tissue of his victims to create his army of monsters. The authorities dismiss this doctor's theory - but the clones are spreading. But if the doctor is correct, how could Zeiram be using the sophisticated transit gates to easily? Meanwhile, Zeiram waits for Iria. When Iria confronts Zeiram, she discovers the awful truth behind her brother's disappearance - and her connection to the monster.

In the explosive finale to the series, it's all-out war as Iria faces Zeiram - predator against predator - in their final battle. But is Zeiram truly invincible? Iria has a dangerous plan to discover Zeiram's Achilles' Heel - if he has one - and she's going to need Dr. Touka, Kei and Bob to pull it off. But even if Iria does the impossible and destroys Zeiram, will she be able to escape the ultimate trap the authorities have set?

Iria is on the run -- but now she's not alone. She's rescued by another bounty hunter with orders from a mysterious client to keep her alive at all costs. All she knows is that she holds the key to exposing the conspiracy within Tedan Tippedai Corporation -- and their link to Zeiram. When she decides to confront the corporation, will she be beyond the reach of her mysterious benefactor?

Later, Iria returns to Taowajan -- as a full-fledged, licensed bounty hunter. Her mission: retrieve Dr. Touka, the foremost expert on Zeiram, who was taken hostage during a revolt. Things get complicated when Iria discovers that something's killed the previous rescue teams and the terrorists -- and it looks like Zeiram.

cast list

  • Iria: Hisakawa Aya
  • Gren: Kosugi Jurota
  • Bob: Ikeda Masaru
  • Fujikuro: Chiba Shigeru
  • Kei: Kanai Mika
  • Dr. Touka: Fujimoto Yuzuru
  • Zeiram: Takagi Wataru

production info

  • Original Work: Amemiya Keita
  • Screenplay: Matsumoto Hajime
  • Director: Amino Tetsuro
  • Storyboard: Dojaga Gen, Katsumata Yoshimi
  • Visual Concept: Amemiya Keita
  • Original Character Design: Katsura Masakazu
  • Character Design: Otonashi Ryunosuke
  • Music: Yoshikawa Yoichiro

  • English Version Producer: John O'Donnell
  • Translation by: Neil Nadelman

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