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Shinseiki Evangelion
(Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Episode 16: Sickness, Unto Death, And... / Splitting of the Breast

Copyright: 1996 TV Tokyo / GAINAX / NAS (Japan), 1997 AD Vision (North America)
Length: 30 minutes
Rating: Contains Violence and Mature Situations, Parental Guidance Suggested
Format: Subtitled/Dubbed (VHS)

Screenplay: Yamaguchi Hiroshi, Anno Hideaki Director: Tsurumaki Kazuya Producers: Kobayashi Noriko (TV Tokyo) Sugiyama Yutaka Character Design: Sadamoto Yoshiyuki English Version Executive Producer: John Ledford (A.D.V. Films) Translation by: Kimura Kuni

[ plot summary ]

vhs jacket

Yet another series of synchronisation harmonics tests for the three young Eva pilots. But this time, it's Shinji whose performance sets the benchmark, and Asuka's not pleased. Elated with his results, Shinji finds himself with a new-found level of self-confidence, a self-confidence which quickly turns into terror when his premature attack turns into disaster inside the folded space formed by the latest Angel. Cut off from his external power supply, Shinji awaits a slow, lingering death as his life support systems begin to fail. Can Ritsuko come up with a plan to save Shinji? Or does this latest encounter hold the key to something even more important than anyone else can imagine?

[ capsule review ]

Many of us have been taught that a four-dimensional object would manifest itself in our three-dimensional space as a kind of 'shadow,' since we would be unable to perceive elements of the fourth dimension. Anno again uses some of his knowledge in physics as an interesting device to present new dangers to NERV. The latest aggressor appears to be an overgrown child's marble (a black 'creamie', in fact) but as it turns out, the manifestation in the air isn't what we think it is. We also see some foreshadowing in this episode -- Asuka and EVA-02 find that the first power cable hook-up isn't long enough, so she has to connect at a different outlet. Might the power cable be featured again in this episode? Well, that would be telling!

Shinji's voyage of self-discovery within the Angel is brilliant. Is he in contact with the Angel, or his own EVA? The use of the train metaphor for Shinji's own journey of existance was quite apt, and the symbolic use of a road passing underneath with various obstacles was particularily striking. What I thought was the most deft touch of all: Shinji is drawn a little different toward the end of his mental journey. No longer does he look so young; there's a look of maturity in his face that tells you that he's now a young adult. The climactic ending is both brutal and direct. There's no mistaking the allegory of EVA-01's emergence from the Angel as a kind of birth. But in this episode, it's fitting. - AN

[ café rating ]

Original: Subbed: Dubbed:
Story: N/A 4 stars N/A
Direction: N/A 5 stars N/A
Acting: N/A rate_04.gif N/A
Animation: N/A 3 stars N/A
Music: N/A 4 stars N/A
Translation: N/A 4 stars N/A
Overall Rating: N/A 4 stars N/A

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