Young Ohotori Kawasaki was born near a store

That sold themed games, music, UFO catchers and more

He wanted a business but not for himself.

He would own a merchandise store, but not without help

As he grew he finally built his own store

That sold themed games, music, UFO catchers and more

But his magic frightened many, scaring them away

He knew he needed a steady business flow...

There just had to be a way !

He found some cute creatures in a forest one day

He called them "Chibis" because that's all they could say

He told them of his dream, how he wanted to spread joy

To every otaku alive--Girl or boy.

The chibis agreed, quite happily,

And a new legend was born, truthfully !

He needed no reigndeer, why ? Because...

He could defy physics, good ol' Otaku Klaus

He was known by that nickname because every Christmas Eve

He gave merchandise to all good otakus that sincerely believed.

But after the holiday is done,

The chibis return home,

Ohotori returns to normal life, always with a shirt button undone.

He now has a wife named Lilleth, who adores him to no end

Ohotori is a hard worker, on that you can contend.

So ends our tale of the Saint of Anime fanatics everywhere...

Ohotori and Lilleth, legendary heroes beyond compare !

By: Elizabeth Berndt

December 11, 2001

Created on December 12,2001