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Fushigi Yuugi
(The Mysterious Play)

genre: Romance / Drama / Fantasy

Young Miaka Yuki is completing her third and final year of middle school, and now has plans to apply to Jonan Academy... provided, of course, that she doesn't fail by sleeping through all her classes...

While accompanying her friend, Yui Hongo, at the National Library, Miaka and Yui discover an ancient Chinese book - Shijin Ten Sho - in which is written that the book itself is a spell into a mysterious world, and whomever reads the book become characters in the story... Suddenly, Miaka and Yui find themselves drawn into the past... the past of ancient China!

This shoujo series was created by popular manga artist Yu Watase, and is distributed in North America by Pioneer. Pioneer's packaging also includes two Ani-Mayhem cards per video.

[ rated pg ]

adult situations
intense scenes

Parental Guidance Advised - The series is rated as "13 and Up" by Pioneer. This shoujo series is aimed at the young junior female crowd, but several scenes of intense nature, and some mature subject matter may not be suitable for all audiences.

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