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Green Legend Ran

genre: science-fiction

In the distant future, mankind is laying waste to his own environment. Rampant pollution and overuse of resources was slowly killing the Earth. One day, six mysterious artifacts, known only as "Holy Mothers" descend upon the Earth, absorbing all the local resources. The world is transformed into a barren, desolate wasteland, where people can only survive in the areas immediately surrounding the Holy Mothers.

Rodoists, the fanatical supporters of the Holy Mothers are the military and religous maintainers of the lands. But even in this harsh environment, there is a group of resistance fighters, known as the Hazzard. Young Ran, the tragic death of his mother still fresh in his mind, decides that he will join the Hazzard forces... and try to find the man who killed his mother... the man with the scar on his chest.

Distributed in North America by Pioneer LDP, USA, Green Legend Ran is available in a three-tape collector's box set. And as with other Pioneer releases, the box set is packaged with some incredible extras, including three uncut sheets of six postcards, and a full-colour 20 page booklet called The Archives, which chronicles the production of this OAV series.

[ rated pg ]

adult situations
intense situations

Parental Guidance Advised - Several scenes of violence, some nudity, and adult language is used throughout. While the OAV series is aimed at the young-teen and up Japanese audience, this feature should be viewed with caution. Some scenes of implied cruelty/torture may be too intense for younger audiences.

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