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T.H.E.M. Animé Café Awards

4th Place

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The main characters of Gunbuster

GunBuster Top o Nerae!
(Gunbuster Aim for the Top!)

genre: science-fiction / mecha

The Earth Spaceship Lukushyon was attacked and destroyed by unknown aliens. The space force has scrambled to put together a group of pilots to battle the aliens and protect the earth. Two girls from the Okinawa High School for Girls have been chosen for advanced training in outer space: Amano Kazumi and Takaya Noriko. Amano is the best there is at Okinawa, but Takaya Noriko has only been training for one month. How can she possibly be selected over her upperclassmen unless it's because her father was in command of the Lukushyon?

The Earth however is in very real danger and the aliens number in the tens of millions of ships. Earth is in dire need of protection, and has developed a new mecha machine unlike any other in the space force: Gunbuster. Who will pilot it? And will it be enough to save Earth?

This is a six-part OAV series -- one of the first releases by argueably Japan's most innovative animation production company, GAINAX. The series also harbours a bit of controversy -- not because of its content, but because of the manner in which the last installment was produced. Episode six is mostly in black and white, with a major scene done in what seems to be a crude series of story-boards and roughs. Was this deliberate or a budgetary constraint?

[ rated pg ]

intense situations

Parental Guidance Advised - Although this series is targeted at a young/pre-teen audience in Japan, it is probably not suitable for pre-teens in North America. A fair amount of nudity throughout -- this is the series that is the basis for the term, "GAINAX Bounce." Some occasional blood, but fairly tame by today's standards. No sexual themes, but a couple of references to 'that time of month.'

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