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Episode 4: Mitsuru to Ghost: Ryokurinryo No Maboroshi
(The Phantom of Greenwood)

Distributed by: (Japan), Software Sculptors (North America)
Length: 30 minutes
Rating: NR, parental guidance suggested
Format: Original Japanese dialog (LD), subtitled (VHS) and dubbed (VHS)

Based on the manga series by: Nasu Yukie Screenplay: Mochizuki Tomomistu Director: Mochizuki Tomomistu Producer: Studio Pierrot English version by: Koike Hitomi and Neil Nadelman

[ plot summary ]

volume 2

Once again Mitsuru is having girl problems. Only, what do you do when you have a female *ghost* as a companion? Especially someone who has to be by you all the time... in an all-male dorm. Worst of all, Mitsuru can't for the life of him figure out why Misako's haunting him. Poltergeist effects, earthquakes and possessions, and the certain matter of a kiss. Greenwood will never be quite the same after Misako's visit.

[ capsule review ]

(Subtitled version) What a great series Greenwood is turing out to be! More off-beat humour, more unexpected twists. Minaguchi Yuko does a good job playing the part of 16 year-old Misako -- er, her ghost, that is. Her arrival turns all of Greenwood topsy-turvy. (Ever see a ghost cry? Trust us, you don't!) Misako's explanation of how she became a ghost is priceless. This is the funniest of the sextet of episodes, with great humour, though again, the animation is only marginal, and the music is annoying. I think that Iwata Mitsuo (Mitsuru) has a wonderfully distinctive voice, and does a great deadpan. Plus, you get to see a bit more about Japanese folklore. Who said that education couldn't be enjoyable? This is a fun one! - AN

(Dubbed version) Anne Crosby does an acceptable job as Misako, the ghost of a young 16 year-old girl. Anne can actually deliver some funny lines, which helps save this episode. The dorm lady (played by Heather Lee) is another lost cause, however. She sounds rushed all the time, as if trying to match the lip movements of the characters (what's an ADR for?) I didn't mind this episode as much as the first three -- but that doesn't mean it's any good. - AN

(Subtitled version) Greenwood is an old building and is said to have some ghosts inhabiting it. Even so, I think the residents there undoubtedly found Misako's visit somewhat er... different shall we say? The humour so prevalent throughout the series is back again in spades. There were some really good moments in this episode. Especially notable was when Mitsuru made Misako cry in Rm 211. Keep your eyes on the tissue box in the background. While the animation is nothing special, I still like the way Misako looks when the hall-lady passes her arm through her head. Also, Misako's hair is the most expressive hair I've seen in some time. - JYN

(Dubbed Version) Huh. Well, either they're getting a bit better with the acting and direction, or I'm building a tolerance. Either way, episode 4 didn't bother me *quite* as much as the previous three. The voice actress for Misako is tolerable although still not the best, and someone really should just toast Shinobu. The dialogue just isn't spoken naturally. The script still sounds very much as though it's being read on the fly, but the overacting from Shun is no longer there. One thing I did notice though, the direction in this episode is rather lacking in the end scene where the ghosts can't decide who should haunt whom, but you might as well be asking them who's going to be next to go to the dentist or something. There just isn't any excitement or anything there, and so the very end just doesn't work. This is definitely not on my list of "must see's". - JYN

[ café rating ]

Original: Subbed: Dubbed:
Story: N/A 4 stars 4 stars
Direction: N/A 4 stars 2 stars
Acting: N/A 3 stars 1 star
Animation: N/A 2 stars 2 stars
Music: N/A 1 star 1 star
Translation: N/A 4 stars 4 stars
Overall Rating: N/A 4 stars 1 star

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