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The Hakkenden
(Legend of the Dog Warriors)

genre: Historical Fiction

The year is 1457. Prince Fuse, daughter of Yoshizane Satomi, Lord of Awa province, is forced into matrimony with her dog, Yatsufasa. This situation occurs when, under siege by the neighboring army of Lord Kagetsura Anzai and facing starvation. Yoshizane makes a desperate, last-ditch promise to the animal. Ultimately, the princess is killed, along with Yatsufasa, by bullet from the gun of Daisuke Kanamari, who had come to rescue her. At the moment of Fuse's death, eight spirit beads from the necklace she was wearing disperse into the sky and the legend of the dog warriors begins.

Distributed in North America by Pioneer LDP, USA.

[ rated m ]


Recommended for Mature Audiences - The entire series is filled with blood and gore and the sword fighting gets very intense many times throughout the whole series. There are several beheadings and dismemberings and, in at least two episodes, characters commit suicide by disembowelment. Definitely not for kids.

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