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Inu Yasha

genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Based on the manga series by Takahashi Rumiko of Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku fame, Inu Yasha alternates between present day Japan and feudal times.

Inu Yasha a half monster - half human once sought the Shikon jewel. The jewel is said to be able to to increase the strength and powers of monster-kind as well as those humans who possess such characteristics in spirit. In an effort to expunge his human traits and become fully of the monster-kind, Inu Yasha tried to steal the jewel from the village where it was guarded. While he was able to steal the jewel briefly, he was later shot and sealed away by Kikyou, village guardian against monstrous kind, and master archer. Kikyou after sealing Inu Yasha's power with her arrow, died later that day. Her final wish was that the Shikon jewel be cremated with her thus destroying it and removing it from the world. However...

Kikyou's spirit is later reborn in Higurashi Kagome, a young 15 year old high school girl. Born into a Shinto family, her grandfather cares for one of the local shrines. However, upon her 15th birthday, Kagome's world is turned upside down when she is attacked by a centipedal monster and is transported to another era. A time when monsters roam the earth and seek the powers of the Shikon jewel.

[ rated pg ]


Parental Guidance Suggested - With various monsters all seeking the Shikon Jewel, this is very much a defeat the monster (or human) who kills lots of humans anime. While not exceedingly graphic, gruesome or realistic, dead bodies and body parts abound.

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