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Jubei-chan - Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch

genre: Action/Comedy

I'm Nanohana Jiyu. Papa calls me Jubei but... that has nothing to do with Yagiu Jubei.

300 years ago, Yagiu Jubei left the Lovely Gantai (eyepatch) to his servant Odago Koinosuke with instructions to search for someone worthy enough to become a master swordsman unequalled on the earth. Searching for over 300 years, Koinosuke has finally found someone who met his master's description of the one to wear the Lovely Gantai. Who is that person? Nanohana Jiyu...

With the rebirth of Jubei, the Ryujoji clan is now after Nanohana Jiyu in order to avenge the defeat of their clan 300 years earlier. However, what junior high school girl would want to wear a pink eyepatch in the shape of a heart? Regardless of becoming the greatest swordfighter on earth, it's just not cool. Who in their right mind would be caught dead wearing such a thing?!

[ rated g ]


Suitable for General Audiences - Lots of swordfighting, some minor cursing as well as minor sexual innuendo (ogling of Jubei's chest) but no visible nudity. Despite the swordfighting, defeated foes all "get up and walk away" from the battles. There is a Sailormoon style transformation with a nude outline but no visible detail. Lastly, the last episodes with the possession scenes may be too scary for small children.

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