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Serial Experiments Lain

genre: Science Fiction

Present Day... Present Time...

In a world of the not-so-distant tomorrow, young Iwakura Lain discovers that the borders between the solid, real world and the connected, virtual world of the wired may not be as distinct as once thought. When fourteen year old Yomoda Chisa committed suicide, no-one expected to receive e-mail from her after the event. Lain discovers that Chisa may not be dead... only that she's discarded her body, and her conciousness now exists within the expansive, virtual world of the wired. But Lain discovers something dark about this interconnected world... that her virtual counterpart may have existed even before her solid self became reality... and that the wired world might even be able influence the world of the solids.

This innovative series combines traditional cel animation and extensive use of CGI graphics, with distinctive character designs by Abe Yoshitoshi. Thirteen episodes are presented as "layers," and much like the proverbial onion in acting, each episode "peels away" the plot, layer by layer. Serial Experiments Lain awarded the Excellence Prize of the 1998 Media Arts Festival by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs, and is distributed in North America by Pioneer Entertainment (USA) LP.

[ rated m ]

drug use
intense scenes

Recommended for Mature Audiences - Borderline "Parental Guidance Advised." There are only a few sexual references, no nudity and moderate violence, but the depth and complexity of the story-telling will be lost to most audiences. Some scenes mimic effect of drug-use, though the "drug" is really a hyper-aware state of mind caused by a small electronic device. Imagery is often disturbing on a sub-concious level.

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