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Detective Azusa-chan

Café Trivia

Mimi o Sumaseba

Whisper of the Heart


There's something unusual that happens to Danshaku throughout the movie. What is it?


The doll keeps changing its pose. The first two times Shizuku sees the cat-doll, it is holding the cane off the floor in its right hand, and the hat behind its back in the its left hand. The third time, the cane is in the right hand behind its back, resting on the floor while the hat is in the left hand, in front of its body. The fourth scene in which Shizuku sees Danshaku (when Nishi is explaining the history of both himself and the cat), the left hand is behind its back holding nothing, while the right hand is in front, holding both the cane and hat. But the next time we see the cat (in the same scene!), the left hand is now hanging straight down by its side.

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