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what's new - Last updated July 21, 2004
Check out the latest news, updates, and upcoming events.

anime giveaway contest - Last updated July 21, 2004
Try your luck in our bi-monthly contest!

anime review pages - Last updated May 31, 2003
Episode-by-episode reviews of anime titles.

a parent's guide to anime - Last updated May 31, 2004
Is an anime title suitable for you or your children? Find out here!

the anime encyclopædia - Last updated February 28, 2002
Find out various facts about anime and Japan in our ever-expanding on-line reference!

café trivia - Last updated October 14, 2003
Test your anime knowledge in this fun section!

café latté - Last updated July 16, 2001
Humour and fun articles, including The Laws of Anime.

café espresso - Last updated March 1, 2001
Guides, essays, notices, and the darker side of anime.

café forum - Started July 22, 2001
Message boards to discuss various aspects of Japanese anime, manga, reviews and more!

about the café... - Last updated June 10, 2003
Information about the history of this site and its contributors.

feedback - Last updated September 15, 2003
Don't like what you see here? Want to e-mail the people at the Café? Have an idea or two about how to improve this site? Want to contribute a review? We've got forms for everything from comments to review submissions to error reports!

café links - Last updated August 7, 2002
Useful links around the 'net.

site map - Last updated November 19, 2001
Text-based site map to help you navigate this crazy maze we've set up.

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