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The Previous Winner's List:

  • May / June 2004

    Prize: Read or Die R1 DVD


  • March / April 2004

    Prize: Fruits Basket English Manga Vol 1


  • Jan / Feb 2004

    Prize: Aa! Megamisama! 2004 Calendar


  • 2003 Christmas Contest

    Chobits - Sumomo Clock

    Winner: Bilal Itani
    North York, ON

    Chobits - 2 UFO Catcher Dolls

    Winner: Pat Foster
    Round Rock, TX

    InuYasha - 3 UFO Catcher Dolls

    Winner: Neal Yoshizuka
    Sacramento, CA

    Wish English Manga Vol 1

    Winner: TBA

    Inu Yasha 2004 Calendar

    Winner: Amanda Maus
    Fargo, ND

    Spirited Away 2004 Calendar

    Winner: Tracy Murphy
    Havre de Grace, MD

  • 2003 Fan Art Contest

    Main Prize:

    • How to draw Manga (Vol 2 - Compiling Techniques)
    • Kiki's Delivery Service - R1 DVD (new)


    Prize 2: (random draw from runners up)

    • Kiki's Delivery Service - R1 DVD (new)

    Rebecca Rossiter

  • Sept / Oct 2003

    Prize 1: Spirited Away R1 DVD

    John Millhelm
    Cape Coral, FL

    Prize 2: Ruin Explorers sub VHS Vol 2 (carried from previous contest)

    Liz Barillas
    Glendale, CA

  • July / August 2003

    Prize: Castle in the Sky R1 DVD


  • May / June 2003

    Prize: Spirited Away VHS (English)

    Samantha Hurst
    Townsend, DE

  • March / April 2003

    Prize: Chobits UFO catcher dolls

    John Kent
    Sandyville, WV

  • January / February 2003

    Prize: Vampire Princess Yui original Japanese manga Vol 1

    Pahouang Vue
    Sac City, CA

  • Christmas Contest 2002

    1. Ghost in the Shell sub VHS (unopened)

      Dana Vogel
      Jackson, NJ
    2. Inu Yasha 2003 Calendar

      Gretchen Hintz
      Ponchatoula, LA
    3. Chobits Calendar (A)

      Don Umali
      Milpitas, CA
    4. Chobits Calendar (B)

      Allan Tolentino
      Gardena, CA
    5. Tonari no Totoro 2003 Calendar

      Sarah Lott
      Columbus, OH
    6. Chobits Clock

      Aaron Scott
      Kent, WA
    7. Inu Yasha UFO Dolls

      Leah Cornish
      Roslindale, MA
    8. How to Draw Anime Game Characters
      Vol 2 Expressing Emotions

      Rhiannon McKenney
      Astoria, OR
    9. The Anime Encyclopedia

      Lucy Hernandez
      Houston, TX

  • September / October 2002

    Prize: Ruin Explorers sub VHS Vol 2

    Prize carried to Sept/Oct 2003 Contest

  • Summer 2002 Fan Art Contest

    Dean Bottino
    Dana Point, CA

  • July / August 2002

    Prize: Noir Wall Scroll

    Daniel King
    Ridgeland, MS

  • May/June 2002

    Prize: Super Eurobeat Present Initial D - D Best Selection, CD

    Richard Brandt
    Colorado Springs, CO

  • March / April 2002

    Prize: Heroic Legend of Arislan III/IV CD Soundtrack

    Pamela McKee
    Randallstown, MD

  • January / February 2002

    Prize: Heroic Legend of Arislan III/IV CD Soundtrack

    M. Chase
    Puyallup, WA

  • Christmas Contest 2001


    1. Ghost in the Shell, sub VHS
      Mark Goforth, OK
    2. Inu Yasha 2002 Calendar
      Shannon Carty, ON
    3. Meitantei Conan original Japanese VHS Part 6 Vol 1 (used)
      Tokubetsuhen Vol 12 manga (unopened)
      Pei-Chun Chai, ON
    4. Vampire Princess Miyu Seiyou Shinma hen Ongaku hen CD (unopened)
      Pei-Shan Chai, ON
    5. Heroic Legend of Arislan CD Soundtrack 2 (unopened)
      Danielle Waldrop, NC
    6. Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu original Japanese R2 DVD Vol 2 (new)
      Liz Barillas, CA
    7. Gundam Wing 2002 Calendar
      Liz Barillas, CA
    8. Angelic Layer 2002 Calendar A
      Ivana Runjaic, FL
    9. Angelic Layer 2002 Calendar B
      Tiffany Vandermark, TN
    10. Tonari no Totoro 2002 Calendar
      Pei-Chun Chai, ON
  • September / October 2001

    Prize: Heroic Legend of Arislan CD Soundtrack 1

    Liz Barillas
    Glendale, CA

  • Summer 2001 Fan Art Contest

    [ winning entry ]Prize: How to Draw Manga Vol 1
    Escaflowne CD Soundtrack
    Meitantei Conan Part 5 Vol 9 VHS

    Nicole Piatkoski
    Harper Woods, MI

  • July / August 2001

    Prize: Photon Vol 1 & 2 sub

    Tran Nguyen
    Hephzibah, GA

  • May / June 2001

    Prize: Card Captor Sakura Illustration Book 1

    Katie Cordes
    Eaghan, MN

  • March / April 2001

    Prize: Yu Yu Hakusho The Movie VHS sub

    Matt Herring
    Pleasant Grove, AL

  • January / February 2001

    Prize: Martian Successor Nadesico TV Vol 1 VHS sub

    Shannon Redding
    Blacksburg, VA

  • Christmas Contest 2000

    1. You're Under Arrest original Japanese LD #9 (files 35-38) (new)

      Rachel Arsenault
      South Windsor, CT
    2. You're Under Arrest original Japanese LD #12 (files 47-49) (new)

      Yuxi Lai
      Ann Arbor, MI
    3. Meitantei Conan original Japanese VHS Part 5 Vol. 10 (eps 132-134)

      Jeff Delamater
      Atlanta, GA
    4. Cowboy Bebop Vol. 1 (episodes 1&2) sub VHS

      Mat Swadling
      North Vancouver, BC
    5. Maison Ikkoku Playing Doubles dub VHS (new)

      Donovan Tann
      East Petersburg, PA
    6. Magic Knights Rayearth Twilight (Vol. 4 eps 13-16) & Midnight (Vol. 5 eps 17-20) sub VHS (new)

      Lily Kwan
      El Monte, CA
    7. Rurouni Kenshin Japanese manga tankoubon vol. 4-10 (new)

      James P. Wallace
      Edmonds, WA
    8. Gundam Wing 2001 Calendar

      Susana Kimura
      Calexico, CA
    9. Card Captor Sakura 2001 Calendar

      Paul Holland
      Simpsonville, SC
    10. Ah! Megamisama 2001 Calendar

      Andrew Gagne
      Gray, TN

  • September / October 2000

    Prize: Rurouni Kenshin manga tankoubon #1 & 2

    Daniel Enss
    Cannington, Ont

  • July/August 2000

    Prize: Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. 1, VHS subtitled

    Theron L. Gibbons
    Phoenix, AZ

  • May / June 2000

    Prize: Saber Marionettes J Vol. 1, VHS subtitled

    Lily Kwan
    El Monte, CA

  • March / April 2000

    Prize: Tenchi Muyo: In Love the Movie, VHS subtitled

    Matthew Last
    McLean, VA

  • January / February 2000

    Prize: Veritech VF-1A model kit

    Dustin Armentrout
    Rockford, IL

  • November / December 1999

    Prize: Grave of the Fireflies videotape

    Sophia Ng
    Campbell, CA

    "I love your website! Its image and organization are very beautifully done. Thank you."

  • August / September / October 1999

    Prize: Card Captor Sakura notebook

    Michael Bongiorni
    Syracuse, NY

    "Yeah, hi again, you know I have been entering almost every contest so I was hoping that I would win once :)"

  • June / July 1999

    Prize: CLAMP School Guide

    Linda Ngo
    Los Angeles, CA

  • April / May 1999

    Prize: Living Language Dictionary

    Michael Bennet
    Gales Ferry, CT

  • February / March 1999

    Prize: Tamagotchi Virtual Pet

    Maricel L. Pena
    Redmond, Washington

  • October / November 1998

    Prize: Patlabor 1 movie videotape

    Emily Zee
    Age 23
    Toronto, Ontario

  • August / September 1998

    Prize: ARII VF-1A Valkyrie model kit)

    Devin Burritt
    Age 15
    Mt. Vernon, Ohio

  • June / July 1998

    Prize: Copy of 'Wings of Honneamise'

    Rachel Moir
    Age 26
    Thunder Bay, Ontario

    "My Daughter just loves Anime. She watches it all the time. That's why we love your site so much... Thank you very much for the having the contest. And having it open to Canadians."

  • April / May 1998

    Prize: Copy of Sailor Moon Volume 1, "A Moon Star is Born"

    Caren Feldman
    Age 41
    Fairfax, VA

    "I am so thrilled you can't imagine, but my daughter (age 5) will be even more so! We used to watch Sailor Moon every day when we lived in Canada, but now that we're in Virginia, we have found that the show is very hard to track down. We thought we found the slot for a few months on one cable station, but then they moved it again. My daughter keeps asking about it but she has so far had to settle for creating her own adventures using her Sailor Scouts action figures.

    I can't wait to see her face when the video arrives!"

  • February / March 1998

    Prize: Ah! Megamisama! tankabon and traffic safety o-mamori

    Tony Szykowny
    Age 26
    Amherst, NY

    "I have been watching anime as long as I can remember. The first series I remember seeing is Starblazers when it aired in the US. I have been a fan ever since. My favorite series include Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, Evangalion, Tenchi Muyo, and countless others...I enjoy visiting your site. If you ever make a club for anime or know of any please let me know...thanks..."

  • December 1997/January 1998

    Prize: Ayukawa Madoka poster by Matsumoto Izumi

    Steve Shreck
    Age 54
    Placerville, CA

    "In a very short time anime has become one of my favorite movie genres. In fact, in the past four weeks, I've rented over thirty movies and at least two dozen of them have been anime, besides which I've purchased two new anime movies. I'm a fan for life!"

  • September / October / November 1997

    Prize: ARII Valkyrie model kit

    Lynne Goodwin
    Age 42
    Raymond, Washington

    "My husband and I enjoy many activities outdoors in the great Northwest, and fishing is right at the top of the list. Computing is my other favourite hobby. Thanks for having your contest!"

  • July / August 1997

    Prize: Video: Windaria

    Matt Baillie
    Age 18
    Tempe, Arizona

    "I'm 18 (as of yesterday, Sept. 4), and I'm living in Tempe, Arizona, going to Arizona State University. I lived in Sierra Vista for four years, but I'm originally from Bellevue, Nebraska... I lived there for almost 4 years. There's nothing else interesting about me really, so I guess I have nothing to say. Oh yeah, you can put that I think Anime Cafe is really cool, and that more people should visit :-)"

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