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[Sol Bianca]
Sol Bianca

genre: science-fiction

In a future where man trades freely among the stars, the ancient profession of piracy has resurfaced. One of the most infamous ships is the Sol Bianca, manned (or rather, crewed) by five women named Janny, Feb, April, May, and June. They are definitely not "Robin Hood" types, preferring to steal from the rich to give to themselves (why steal from the poor? The rich have better stuff!) More interesting is their ship, which has the ability to go in and out of hyperspace without the help of warp gates (apparently no other ships can do that) and sports an array of fun weaponry as well as a sentient computer named Gi. Taking on tyrants, interstellar gangs, and bizarre diseases is all in a days work for these larcenous ladies.

[ rated pg ]

adult situations
intense situations

Parental Guidance Advised

Profanity: A fair amount, but not overwhelming. The pirates swear like, well, pirates. You expected finishing school?

Nudity/Sex: None.

Violence: Several major battle scenes and lots of fighting, but only two spots show any blood. One guy gets his hands cut off for treason (plenty of blood here) and two soldiers in full body armor get shot in the head, but there's almost no blood.

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OAV Series 1

OAV Series 2

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