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[ Ayukawa Madoka -- our favourite hostess of any café. (c) Takada Akemi ]

Commonly asked questions...

  • What's the deal with the URL?

    An URL is a three-letter acronym for Uniform Resource Locater, a standardised system of... oh wait. That's not what you're asking about...

    Well, you wouldn't be asking about the URL if you followed the Kimagure Orange Road (or KOR) series. One of the mainstays of the series is a little café where a lot the story takes place -- a coffee shop called the 'Abcb.' Incidentally, the Orange Road series takes its title from the street that this fictional shop is located: Orange Street.

  • Well, then who's the girl that's on so many of your webpage graphics?

    She's one of the most popular female anime characters of all time: Ayukawa Madoka, one of the three main characters in Kimagure Orange Road. Attractive, talented, athletic and mysterious. But it's not so much the character created by manga author Izumi Matsumoto, but the look created by the TV series' character designer: the very talented Takada Akemi.

  • Ahhhh. Then the cat that's on the review index is also from KOR, right?

    No! You're not paying attention. KOR features a lazy, overweight, calico-coloured cat named Jingoro. The black cat is Jiji, from Kiki's Delivery Service. Jiji can talk. Much cooler.

  • Got it. So where did you get the title for the website?

    [ The real Abcb Cafe... ]

    Hmmm. Inspired by the Abcb Café. The site specialises in reviewing anime. You figure it out.

  • Do you sell anime, or produce fansubs/fandubs?

    No. We don't sell anything. Next question.

  • How come there are no reviews of hentai (or "H") anime?

    We don't watch them. Next!

  • Whatever happened to "A Parent's Guide to Anime"?

    It's still around... much closer than you might think. In fact, it's right under your noses! Back in February 1998, we adopted the site from Bryan Pfaffenberger, the 'Guide's original creator. We've since integrated the contents of the 'Guide with the Café. The original guide was difficult to maintain, and wasn't printer-friendly. Now it is.

  • Just about every anime site has really neat graphics about something called 'GeoCities.' How come you don't?

    Because we're so stupid, we actually pay for our own website. Silly, ain't it?

  • Who supplies all the prizes for your contests? Why do you give out prizes?

    We supply our own prizes, though sometimes Nikaku Animart will send us the occasional freebie or two, because we're such a regular customer.

    Believe it or not, we don't sell our entry list to any telemarketing organization. After a name is randomly drawn, the entry list is destroyed. What we do hope to gain is (a) lots of return visitors, and (b) suggestions on how to improve the site. This evil ploy seems to be working...

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