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[A relaxed Madoka enjoying a cup of joe]

September 15, 1998

A review is now up for Waga Seishun No Arcadia ('Arcadia of My Youth'). I did this review a little differently than my previous efforts -- there are some very striking artistic elements in this movie, and so I've used the 'alt' tags in the small graphic images to highlight some notable items. The number of images (11 smaller ones) will make this page a little slower to load than previous reviews, but I think it's worth the wait.

September 12, 1998

Well, perhaps our earlier problems were due to our ISP... The server was down from late Friday evening until about 10:00AM this morning. On the plus side, this extra time off the 'net gave us an opportunity to make further changes to the site.

September 11, 1998

The Café seems to be experiencing some problems with e-mail delivery. Some messages are taking unusual amounts of time to arrive, and some mail being sent out is being bounced back entirely. Most of the problems seem to be associated with accounts on the HotMail servers. We're trying to locate the problems on this end, but at this point in time, it appears that it's not with our ISP.

Japan Trivia: The fastest rail train in the world, according to the Guiness World Book of Records, is the Japanese Nozomu model 500. While it has the same top speed (300km/hr) as the famous French-designed TGV (Train de Grande Vitesse), the Nozomu has a higher sustained average speed (262km/hr) on its passenger runs.

September 8, 1998

Just got the review up for Key the Metal Idol episode 14, and added a picture to the obituary announcement about Kurosawa Akira.

For the week ending September 6, Kiki's Delivery Service sits at #8 on Blockbuster Video's top ten list of sell-through video titles. It's only been on the shelves since September 1, and edged ahead of titles such as Disney's special anniversary release of The Black Cauldron.

September 6, 1998

Don't say that I didn't warn you...

Jumbo Pokemon to go!

No, the Café isn't turning into an e-zine... but this one was simply too outrageous to keep quiet. While thumbing throught NewType's Summer Events '98, I came across this... and promptly noticed my jaw sitting on the floor. Yep, Pocket Monsters is big. Really big. Jumbo sized, you might say. In fact, the folks in the good ol' US of A will get to see the little critters flittering across the countryside on the latest incarnation (no pun intended) of the VW Beetle. Drivers of said vehicles are apparently giving away little momentos, in preparation for the US TV release...

Kurosawa Akira (1910-1998) in his younger days...

On a sadder note... Japan's most prestigous and internationally acclaimed filmmaker, Kurosawa Akira died yesterday at the age of 88. He was probably the most "western" in his directing style of the Japanese directors, and influenced many of Hollywood's greats. Movies like 'The Magnificent Seven', 'A Fist Full of Dollars', and even 'Star Wars' were either copies of, or heavily influenced by Kurosawa's works. His contributions to the film world cannot be understated; in fact many in the US referred to him as the 'greatest living director in the world.' He had twice won the Grand Prix at the International Film Festival, two Oscars, and in 1989, was awarded a special honorary Academy Award for lifetime achievement. He will be sorely missed.

September 3, 1998

Finally have some more video caps up for Shinseiki Evangelion episodes 23 and 24, plus half of the caps for the Rurouni Kenshin movie. Plus, we've added several more seiyu and their pictures to the encyclopædia.

I should point out that the release date I gave for Kiki's Delivery Service was for general US distribution. Canadians can expect a few days' delay (I keep hearing September 6 as the Canadian release date.)

We also maintain a list of titles that we have, but haven't actually had a chance to write the reviews.

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