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T.H.E.M. Animé Café Awards

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[A relaxed Madoka enjoying a cup of joe]

  • November 26, 1998

    The updates to the Anime Encyclopædia have finally been completed. All the entries now have the standard Café side menu, and allows for easier stepping through the entries. We're also in the middle of some minor cosmetic changes, but they're mostly subtle.

  • November 25, 1998

    We now have fourteen 'posters' in the new Anime Words of Wisdom section.

    Also received a note from Janice Williams of ADV Films. They have acquired the rights to Matsumoto Leiji's Queen Emeraldas. Judging by the overview in NewType, this looks pretty impressive. Look for the North American release in the summer of '99!

  • November 22, 1998

    We have two new reviews up -- one for They Were 11, and Ultimate Fighter: Grappler Baki.

    Also, we've re-named the 'Anime De-motivational Posters' to Anime Words of Wisdom -- it just rolls off the tongue a little better. There are now 9 posters, and counting...

  • November 21, 1998

    Several additions have been made at the Café. We welcome a new regular contributor in David Bingham. David has previously done several reviews for the Parent's Guide, and is graciously writing reviews for the Café as well.

    We're also opening up a couple of new features in the Café Latté (humour) section. First of all, the Café has been in touch with the curator of the Laws of Anime, Darrin Bright. Darrin informs us that he has indeed been receiving all the new suggested additions to the Laws, and hopes to be able to produce a new version 6.0 in the near future, time permitting. In the meanwhile, we've been working on an 'illustrated' version... So far, we've managed to do two of the laws (#25 and #37). Watch for more shortly!

    Finally, there's another new feature that's being worked on at the Café. Kathy Hassinger brings her creative talents to two joint ventures -- she'll be writing reviews for the Café, but in addition, we've asked her to put her keen wit to the test, in the 'Anime De-Motivational Posters.' Ever see those prim-and-proper motivational posters that adorn every school and business? Well, these aren't them!

  • November 16, 1998

    [ 1st Annual Dai-Anime Scavenger Hunt ]

    It's here! The Animé Café, in conjunction with several anime producers, retailers and fan-sites, is very pleased to announce the official kick-off of the First Annual Dai-Anime Scavenger Hunt! In an unprecedented spirit of co-operation, several companies and websites have banded together to put together this fun event, scheduled to open December 1, 1998. Check out the details at There are lots of prizes to be given away, so stay tuned!

    As a result of this contest, the Animé Café Great Anime Giveaway Contest will be suspended until January of 1999 after the current October/November draw is completed.

  • November 14, 1998

    Kenneth Lee has a new review / analysis out! Check out his views on Mononoke Hime in his essay, Miyazaki's Hope in Mononoke Hime. Also, all the graphics are now up for Galaxy Express 999.

    Lots of news to reports around the globe! The biggest one -- GAINAX Co., and its president have been charged with tax evasion, failing to report its actual 2 billion yen earnings, and concealing nearly 1.5 billion yen in profit. Speaking of GAINAX Co., it is rumoured that A.D. Films has been unable to secure the rights to any of the new Evangelion movies. The reason: asking price too high. Our money's on Bandai to get the release...

    Other items of note:

    • First, Key the Metal Idol will be on PBS in November 98! Oliver Chin at VIZ reports that Key the Metal Idol will be shown on channel 54 in San Jose starting November 15.

    • Viz has also sped up its release of Pokemon comics; the first issue is expected to hit the streets on November 27th.

    Finally, a bit of a sad note: The UCI Bookstores will be scaling back its operations to a strictly regional store, due to the departure of long-time orders guy Mike Kiley. But don't fret, Mike is setting up his own import specialty store called Tokyo Pop, scheduled to open late December 1. We wish him all the best, and look forward to our continued business.

  • November 9, 1998

    The Animé Café is pleased to announce a new contributor to our site. Kenneth Lee has graciously allowed us to post his analysis of the final episodes of Shinseiki Evangelion, entitled The Thin Veneer Known as "Evangelion". Check it out in our Evangelion pages!

  • November 8, 1998

    We've started our review of Green Legend Ran, a short three-episode OAV series. Encyclopædia entries for the series have been added, and links to the various seiyu have been updated. Finished updating the 'S' encyclopædia entries to the new format

  • November 6, 1998

    OK. It's been a week, and we haven't added any reviews... Well, there's a very good reason for this. The Animé Café is currently organising a Christmas event that promises to be a lot of fun! We'll try to add a few more reviews yet, but please be patient -- the magnitude of this Christmas project is quite large, so it's chewing up most of my spare time... Details will be released over the next week or so, so stay tuned!

  • October 29, 1998

    Graphics have been added to Sayonara Ginga Tetsudo 999, and the version 3 conversions for the Encyclopædia are complete up to the 'R' entries.

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