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[ So, what's new, Madoka? (C) Akemi Takada ]

What's New at the Café

Do you know of a site that's about to go down? Does it have information that should be preserved on the web? Let us know, and we'll save what we can!

You can also help us out by keeping your eyes open for any anime-related events or articles. Clubs and convention-goers -- don't forget our events calendar page! If your organisation has something up and coming, let us know!

  • December 30, 1999

    Remember, the Café poll closes on December 31! There are only 29 entries thus far, so your chances of winning are not bad -- compared to the nearly 300 entries that we have for our bi-monthly giveaway!

    A few minor updates to report, including a Parent's Guide review of CLAMP School.

  • December 27, 1999

    Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

    Influential film critic Roger Ebert has published his annual 'Top Ten Films of 1999.' Princess Mononoke made it on to the list at #6! Not bad for a two-year old film.

  • December 21, 1999

    Only four more sleeps 'till Christmas...

    Don't forget about our anime poll -- prize is a Kimagure Orange Road poster. Check it out!

  • December 19, 1999

    Only six more sleeps 'till Christmas...

    A new review is up for Fatal Fury III: The Motion Picture, courtesy of a new reviewer. Several new entries have also been added to the encyclopædia.

  • December 15, 1999

    Only ten more sleeps 'till Christmas...

    I lost the computer last night -- not quite sure what the problem was, but luckily, I have a multiple drive system with backups on both Zip and Jaz cartridges... Only had to restore the boot drive.

    No site updates today, but here's an interesting tidbit I received on e-mail:

    This year the Winter Solstice, December 22 -- the longest night of the year, will be extremely special. This is because the solstice will coincide with a Full Moon. Ah, but not just any Full Moon. The Moon will be within a few hours of its perigee, its closest point to the Earth. This will make the Moon appear to be about 14% bigger than usual. However, it is also only ten days from the Earth's perihelion, its closest point to the Sun. Since the Moon shines with reflected sunlight, then the moon will appear 7% brighter than usual. These events occurring together are extremely rare. This is probably the biggest, brightest moon of the Millennium as well as its last. That makes it a rare night indeed!

    Whatever you do, get out and look at the sky. You will never see a Moon like this again, even if the world does not end seven days later.

    December 22, 1999
    • Winter solstice is at 12:44 a.m. MST.
    • The moon is at perigee (356,653 kilometres from Earth), 3:55 a.m. MST
    • Full moon is at 10:31 a.m. MST.

  • December 14, 1999

    Only eleven more sleeps 'till Christmas...

    A new Parent's Guide review is up for Final Yamato and Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals.

    I received an interesting e-mail requesting some exposure for Tezuka Osamu's Unico movies. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the movies. Has anyone out there seen them, and would anyone be interested in doing a set of Café reviews of the movies?

  • December 13, 1999

    Only twelve more sleeps 'till Christmas!

    Five more trivia questions are up for Rurouni Kenshin. We've got another review posted for Captor Captor Sakura as well.

  • December 8, 1999

    This is probably old news for most folks, but Viz Video has entered into a video distribution agreement with Pioneer USA as of this October. In addition, it appears that future releases of Maison Ikkoku will be available in subtitled format only.

    Added several more entries in the trivia pages.

  • December 5, 1999

    December is here, and with it comes a new editorial -- plus a new poll, complete with a prize!

    Two new reviews grace the pages this week: End of Evangelion, and Ranma ½ The Movie 2: Nihao My Concubine. (Thanks, Matt!) We've changed the review format slightly on the Ranma ½ review; let us know what you think!

  • November 28, 1999

    The second episode review is now up for Video Girl Ai, as well as some new trivia questions. The Mailbag is open, and already getting quite large!

    We've also put back the comprehensive title list for the Parent's Guide to Anime. It just seemed to make sense to include the entire list of titles. We're now working on a site map, but this is a bit of a bear. Can anyone out there help, or have any suggestions?

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