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[ So, what's new, Madoka? (C) Akemi Takada ]

What's New at the Café

Do you know of a site that's about to go down? Does it have information that should be preserved on the web? Let us know, and we'll save what we can!

You can also help us out by keeping your eyes open for any anime-related events or articles. Clubs and convention-goers -- don't forget our events calendar page! If your organisation has something up and coming, let us know!

  • May 1

    It's Mei! Oops, rather that should be "May". Ahem! The Cafe Poll/Contest is now closed and hopefully I'll be able to get the results up in about a week. There were alot of poll entries this year so it could take a while to process the results. The winner is also "to be announced". The next contest, is now up and the prize this time is (surprise!) not a video. I'm waiting for results from the contest before going for another video. Rather we have an illustration collection book for Card Captor Sakura. For fans of Clamp and CCS, this book contains some beautiful colour artwork from the original manga series.

    Also updated are the Editorial for this month where we take a look at the copyright issue, the mailbag has *finally* been updated after almost a year, as well as the release calendar so take a look!

    Otherwise, more review updates will be coming up shortly for the Parent's Guide once the administrative updates are finished...

  • April 24

    Several new reviews are up in the Parent's Guide to Anime including for Akira, Magic Knights Rayearth Season 2, Appleseed, Garaga, Lily C.A.T. and Dragoon. (All are recent reviews bringing me up to about a 1.5 week delay between receipt and posting. Lost souls are still pending...)

    Also up are 3 new reviews for Yamino Matsuei (Descendents of the Dark) as well as Meitantei Conan Hitomi no Naka no Ansatsusha (Captured in Her Eyes) the fourth Conan movie, so take a look!

  • April 17

    Several new reviews are now listed in the Parent's Guide to Anime section including Apocalypse Zero, Battle Athletes Daiundoukai, Ellcia, Gasaraki, Kite, Magic Knight Rayearth OVA, Mononoke Hime, Ogre Slayer, Plastic Little, Psychic Force, Revolutionary Girl Utena Adolescence Mokushiroku, Shamanic Princess, Slayers and Wicked City. There are also a few reviews for X rated titles. Those titles which are of an H nature are listed solely on the Rated X page.

    A couple of e-mail inquiries have led to the discovery of some misplaced APGA reviews which will hopefully get finished off within the next couple of weeks. (Current update puts me at the beginning of April for the regular APGA reviews, the "lost souls" are from before this point). Also, a quick look through the files in the Parent's Guide has resulted in the discovery of several unlinked files. A couple seem to be biographies while others are reviews. Scary thought, but a couple of folks out there might get an e-mail from me regarding these reviews...

    Otherwise, it looks like I lied a bit about Fruit Basket's upcoming anime series. Some information was published in Hana to Yume Vol. 9 with more information to come in 10. The new series is to be aired on TV Tokyo in July. Daichi Akitarou (Kodomo no Omocha, Ojarumaru, Ima Soko, Jubei-chan...) will direct the series. The main cast is as follows:

    • Souma Shigure - Okiayu Ryuutarou
    • Hanajima Saki - Yasuhara Reiko
    • Uotani Arisa - Imai Yuka
    • Souma Yuki - Hisakawa Aya
    • Honda Touru - Horie Yui
    • Souma Kyou - Seki Tomokazu

    Lastly, as many people are no doubt aware, Tokyo Pop has recently re-opened their electronic shop doors under Mike Kiley. So because we used to shop so often from UCI Bookstore before he moved to Tokyo Pop, we decided to give them one last chance and see whether things have indeed improved with the change in management. We're happy to say that the service was solid and very quick and have therefore decided to add their shop back to the list of retailers where they'd been listed before.

  • April 10

    Three new reviews are now up for Ima Sokoniiru Boku (Now and Then, Here and There). Rights for this series have just been picked up by Central Park Media.

    Otherwise, there are a couple of images for some upcoming releases from Media Blasters in the New Releases section. Thanks to the folks from Media Blasters for the promotional material!

    To those who visit the Cafe, while we have a no ads policy, it makes sense to have images (when available) in the new releases section. What do you think? Otherwise, the new releases section has also been updated with a few more upcoming titles.

    Lastly, for fans of Takaya Natsuki's manga "Fruit Basket", Hakusensha has indicated that this shoujo manga series is to be made into an anime. Details will be released in Hakusensha's Hana to Yume Vol 10.

  • April 2

    Two new reviews are now up for Jubei-chan: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch as well as associated trivia questions. Also up are reviews for Dagger of Kamui, Dog of Flanders, Dragonball Z, Iria: Zeiram the Animation, Kite, Maison Ikkoku, Photon, Romeo's Blue Skies, Shamanic Princess, and Silent Service on the Parent's Guide to Anime section so take a look!

    Otherwise, several reviews are still pending for the Parent's Guide so stay tuned and please be patient for those who have submitted!

  • March 29

    Two new reviews are now up for Sol Bianca 1999 OAVs. Special thanks go to Ken Moore for his first reviews on the Anime Cafe site!

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