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[ So, what's new, Madoka? (C) Akemi Takada ]

What's New at the Café

Do you know of a site that's about to go down? Does it have information that should be preserved on the web? Let us know, and we'll save what we can!

You can also help us out by keeping your eyes open for any anime-related events or articles. Clubs and convention-goers -- don't forget our events calendar page! If your organisation has something up and coming, let us know!

  • November 6

    Not a complete update still. Will one ever get done before the end of this year?? Anyhow, we now have our first music CD review for Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Tenshi Souzou Sunawachi Hikari. Take a look and feel free to send us some feedback! Also up are more release dates for upcoming manga as well as our monthly picks for October. We've finally managed to archive and gallery the contest entries from the Fan Art contest held this summer. The pictures have been reduced to save on space (apologies to entrants about this). Still to come: APGA updates as well as the contest winner announcement from last bi-month's contest...

  • October 31

    Happy Hallowe'en! First, the incident last week has now been cleared up and resolved. Special thanks to Daniel Huddleston for contacting us when he spotted some Parent's Guide reviews plagiarised on another site.

    The Anime Cafe Contest is closed for the month of November while we prepare for this year's Christmas contest. In the meantime, we have a new review for Angelic Layer ep. 2 in the Cafe along with a couple of new trivia questions.

    People will notice that the menus for the review section have changed a little. This area isn't quite finished yet, but as can be seen, we'll be expanding into anime music CD reviews as well. (Unfortunately, the first review wasn't quite ready for this update). Those folks who frequent the Cafe Forum will have an idea of what's happening in that area. Otherwise - otanoshimini (something to look forward to). Lastly, I'm once again behind in Parent's Guide's updates; apologies to all contributors.

  • October 24

    Not too much this update due to some unusual occurances at the Cafe. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon. In the meantime, a few announcements and changes. Some people are undoubtedly aware that there are four movie features opening in Japan this December one of which is Slayers: Premium. Featuring the TV crowd, Xelloss, Zelgadis, Amelia, Gourry and Linna are back with a new character, a young white magic user Ru-ma. And it all starts when Gourry is suddenly unable to speak anything but Octopus... (Octopusian? Octopusese??)

    Changes to the Cafe include the quashing of a couple of bugs and a couple of changes to the links section (thanks to the sharp-eyed ones out there!) Also up is a new review for Blood: The Last Vampire as well as an update to the Dog of Flanders in the Parent's Guide to Anime.

  • October 15

    Two new reviews have been added to the Cafe site. One for Rurouni Kenshin OAV 2 as well as a first OAV review for Shamanic Princess. Also up are the first two OAV episode entries to the encyclopaedia for Rurouni Kenshin. The video releases, manga releases schedules as well as some of the events which are up and coming for 2002 have also been updated so take a look!

    For those people who have been trying to access the Anime Turnpike, it appears that server problems have rendered it inaccessible for the past few days. However, the European mirror site is up and running and can be accessed here

  • October 3

    One new review has now been added to the Cafe for Rurouni Kenshin, episode 31. Also up are a few more video releases as well as some upcoming manga releases so take a look!

  • October 1

    Reviews for Now and Then, Here and There, Rurouni Kenshin OAV, Spriggan, and Furi Kuri (FLCL), and Ruin Explorers have now been added to the Parent's Guide to Anime. Also up are the Monthly Picks for the month of September.

  • September 30

    One quick announcement today. Congratulations to Nicole of Harper Woods, MI, who was chosen as the winner in the Summer 2001 Fan Art Contest. It was really tough picking a winner! A special "thank you" to all who entered!

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