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The Animé Café Giveaway Contest Feedback


  • What are the readers saying?
  • So what are people suggesting for the Cafe, and what anime titles are people interested in seeing being reviewed? Here are the request results to date!

    Requests and comments are in black, while those which have since been acted on are in green.

    Café Site Requests

    Titles are in order of contest entry receipt.

    Title # of Requests Video Status
    Inu Yasha 2 Available
    Ayashi no Ceres 2 Available
    Sailormoon Stars 1                                 Unavailable
    Gasaraki 3 Available
    Love Hina 3 Available
    Ninja Cadets 1 Unavailable
    Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 1 ?
    Yuna Returns 1 ?
    Saiyuuki 1 Available
    Petshop of Horrors 1 Unavailable
    Dragonball Z 6 Unavailable
    Sailormoon 5 Unavailable
    Sorcerer Hunters 1 Unavailable
    Dual! Parallel World 2 Unavailable
    Geobreeders 1 Available
    Angel Links 1 Unavailable
    Jin Roh 1 Available
    New Slayers (Next?) 1 Available
    Fushigi Yuugi 1 Available
    Card Captor Sakura 1 Available
    Street Fighter Alpha 1 Unavailable
    Nadia Secret of Blue Water 1 Unavailable
    Big O 1 Available
    Battle Athletes Victory 1 Unavailable
    Tenamonya Voyagers 1 Unavailable
    Vampire Princess Miyu TV 1 Available
    Weiß Kreuz 1 Unavailable
    Serial Experiments Lain 1 Available
    Roujin Z 1 Unavailable
    Kenshin TV Series 2 Available
    Dominion Tank Police 1 Available
    Escaflowne 2 Available
    Akira 1 Available
    Kodomo no Omocha 4 Available
    Mad Bull 1 Unavailable
    DiGi Charat 1 Unavailable
    Tekkaman Blade II 1 Unavailable
    Dragonhalf 1 Available?
    Project A-ko 1 Available
    Ghost in the Shell (second review) 1 Available
    Mahou Tsukai Tai 1 Available
    Perfect Blue 2 Unavailable?
    Tenchi Muyo 3 Available
    Tenchi Forever 1 Available
    Furi Kuri 2 Available
    Himikoden 1 Available
    Angelic Layer 1 On order - release July 25
    Noir 1 Unavailable
    Soul Taker 2 To be ordered - Release July 25
    Gundam Wing 2 Available
    Slam Dunk! 1 Unavailable
    Kaitou Saint Tail 1 Unavailable
    Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou 3 Available
    Digimon 1 Unavailable
    Street Fighter 2V 1 Unavailable
    Slayers Try 1 Available
    Slayers Array(?) 1 Available?
    To Heart 2 Unavailable
    Sabre Marionettes J 1 Available
    Tonari no Yamada-kun 1 Unavailable
    Street Fighter V 1 Unavailable
    Panda, Go, Panda 1 Unavailable
    Trigun 2 Unavailable (Trigun, Try Again, Try 6 million times again - we keep trying to get this title but we haven't had any luck... for a year now!)
    Crayon Shinchan 1 Unavailable
    Wild Arms 1 Unavailable
    NieA_7 1 Available
    Sentimental Journey 1 Unavailable
    Like the Clouds, Like the Wind 1 Unavailable
    Metal Angel Marie 1 Unavailable
    Shamanic Princess 1 Available
    Clover 1 Unavailable.
    El Hazard 1 Available

    Café Site Suggestions

    Suggestions are in no particular order.

    Suggestion # of Comments Comment
    Update Laws / Latte 2 Keep trying to do this but get sidetracked on other things. Can she do it this month?!?
    Divide review titles by genre 1 And so it was done, a little rough still but take a look!
    Fan art/general art section 9 Server space problems on this unless I move.
    Forum / chat / message board 6 Dare I look into this one...?
    Java arts 4 I like to drink java, but program? Hmm...
    Fan fics 4 Not as space problematic as art.
    Manga reviews 8 Anime or manga, manga or anime....
    more colour 7 probably the most common comment about the site design
    More/guest editorials 2 I keep trying for once a month and then get sidetracked. Anyone want to do a guest editorial??
    More Trivia 2 And so it was done for a couple of titles (but not Yohko as requested)
    More reviews on listed titles 1 VP Miyu and CCS have now been updated (sorry not Lain yet)
    Fan Art Contest 3 "No Comment"
    Prize Suggestion: shoujo anime soundtrack 1 I'll have to look at soundtrack availability...
    Prize Suggestion: wallscroll 1 this might be possible. Have to look into it though.
    Prize Suggestion: Silent Mobius merchandise 1 Not quite yet.
    shounen/shoujo ai, yaoi/yuri section 2 Don't tend towards this direction in anime.
    show a picture of the prize 1 A little late for this contest, but maybe next time.
    start an anime con 1 Eek! Actually, for folks in Calgary, there's a con in Edmonton in July. (I know, I know, that's Edmonton!)
    update the Parent's Guide more often 1 Trying, but with mixed success. This month's out because of the move though.
    more reviews 4 Always trying to add more material
    more consistent (regular) updates 2 I've actually been toying with this idea. Once a week is a bit too often though, I'll have to experiment over the next while...
    prize suggestion: original Dragonball GT Movie 1 DB? Granted we did give away Sailormoon one time even though we don't watch it... Hmmm
    Coding for é instead of the ASCII 1 Never really thought about it. Will take a look.
    Hosting of other sites 1 Sorry, I'm not an ISP.
    Second review of GITS 1 This is actually possible since I never reviewed this one.
    Review old and new titles 2 I have been concentrating on new titles lately, haven't I?
    Review Anime Games 1 Ummm... I'm afraid I don't play anime games. (I have one anime game: Meitantei Conan for the Gameboy...)
    Essay Contest 1 This might be possible, but I'd have to think about it considering reading aspects and judging.
    Membership System 1 I have considered a Newsletter but... will have to think about this one some more.
    Music 3 ? MIDs? Wasn't there a problem with these or something? There used to be some MIDs here aeons ago...
    More General Information 1 More than what's available? Hmmm...
    Anime Birthdays 1 Actually, someone keeps track of seiyuu b-days on CompuServe.
    Link to a Japanese-English translation site 1 This is do-able. Just have to look up some URLs again
    Evangelion series review 1 ?? The full series has been reviewed, unless it's for a second review...
    Anime Poem contest 1 An ode to anime? Never thought about this one!
    Fan Sub reviews 1 Actually, we don't buy fansubs, but there are reviews of the Japanese releases...
    Phonetic Pronunciation Guide 1 There's a bit of a guide in the Espresso section...
    Prize suggestion: Fushigi Yuugi manga 1 If I'm not mistaken we have a number of duplicate volumes for this...
    Prize suggestion: Figurines and resin statues 1 Another thing to look into
    Prize suggestion: stuffed toys / cute stuff! 1 And another. ^_^
    Unedited vs edited Gundam Wing 1 We do have the first volume of Gundam Wing buried somewhere here...
    Link to official websites on the review page 1 Some pages have this. Unfortunately, it could lead to a lot of dead links...
    Polls 2 We do have a section for it, but it's not active right now. Hmm...
    Top Suggestions by Genre 1 Definitely different from the Top Picks section, and the THEM Anime Cafe Awards. More to consider. ^_^
    MPGs or MP3s 1 These are space hogs, and while I have quite a bit of space to play with...
    More info on Tenchi and CCS 1 More info... more reviews? more trivia? Everything? Will have to add this to the review list...
    Have a site mascot or host 1 Hani-Oto (Milk Crown manga) might be my style and about what I could draw...
    Add more "high-tech" stuff like Flash 5 or Pop ups 1 Flash... burn my coffee?! Eek! ^_^
    Have downloadable games 1 Umm... we're not a download site.
    More Interactive stuff 1 Like a message board...?
    More graphics / pics 1 Snappies, must do more snappies...

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