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The Animé Café 2003 Fan Art Giveaway Contest


The Anime Cafe Fan Art Contest for 2003 is now closed. Thanks to all those who entered!

The following are the rules applicable to this contest:

the rules:

  1. The contest is open to all persons in the continental United States and Canada except where prohibited by law.
  2. This contest is a themed contest. Works must clearly have a seasonal theme; specifically either fall, winter or holiday season theme.
  3. The contest is open to all ages but if you are under 13 years of age, please have your parents' consent to enter this contest.
  4. The address as listed on the entry is where the prize will be mailed -- no exceptions. When an entry is submitted, an ID number will be e-mailed to the same address by reply. You will then be asked to verify the information on the entry form to complete the entry process.
  5. Contest entry is to be a unique art work of the entrant's and the art work will be posted on the Anime Cafe Site along with the artist's name, age, city and prov / state. No H or hentai entries will be accepted.
  6. Contest entries must include the following information:
    • Real Name (you can include your pseudonym, but your real name must be included with the entry - please indicate which you want listed if you include both)
    • Age
    • Address (at least city and state/prov)
    • e-mail address (this is how we will contact you. No e-mail, we can't reach you)
    • your entry (naturally). Entries must be sent in JPG, GIF or BMP format; we can't guarantee we can read any other file formats.
    • title of the work
    • the name of the anime series the work is based on (or original if it's your own design)
    • Both computer generated and hand drawn works will be accepted as both mediums have their own strengths and weaknesses. Please identify if the work is CG or hand work.
  7. The contest will be open from Sept 15, 2003 0:00:00 MST until November 23, 2003 23:59:59 MST. A winner is expected to be announced approx. November 30th depending on the level of participation received. This will be a judged contest.
  8. There will be no updates to the contest entries page from Oct 15 to Nov 4 (approx) as I will be away during that time. Entries will be accepted during this time, but the response time to complete the entry process will be delayed until after this period.
  9. The Anime Cafe is not liable for any damages, direct or inconsequential, which may result from this contest. Any entrant who does not agree to these rules will have their entry declared void. By entering this contest, the contestant agrees to the rules as listed.
  10. The Anime Cafe reserves the right to increase the number of prizes available should a draw be declared.

the prize:

  • How to draw Manga (Vol 2 - Compiling Techniques)
  • Kiki's Delivery Service
    R1 DVD (new)

See the entries

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