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The Animé Café Christmas 2001 Contest


Here are the "Favourite Scene" entries for the Animé Café Christmas 2001 Contest.

A special thank you to all who entered! Merry Christmas and see you all in the New Year!


the entries:

  • Love Hina, Xmas special... outside tokyo u...
    Andrew Gagne, MA

  • I can recall many great interesting X-mas scenes, but if I had to pick one to be my favorite, it would be in Love Hina's Winter Special.

    Naru was brought in because the reporter thought that she was alone for X-mas eve, but then she gave out her message to Keitaro. That was definitely sweet of her, even though she still beats him up every now and then.

    Don Umali, CA

  • In the second Tenchi movie. Its such a fun Christmas!!! XD
    Dana Vogel, NJ

  • My favorite "X-Mas" anime scene, is quite not a scene. I did not see any anime with Christmas in it, so I'd say that my favorite X-Mas anime moment is when I saw that wallpaper of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was beautiful indeed!!!!! :)
    Simon Theriault, QC

  • One of my favorite anime Christmas scene is when Akane gave Ranma the scarf she make and Ranma accepts it despite the her lack of knitting skill.
    Bich Vu, CA

  • In Sailor Moon Super S, my favorite scene is where Usagi and Chibi-Usa are battling the Snow Faeries and they see Santa Claus flying in the sky...He turns out to be Tuxedo Kamen ! ^-^
    Elizabeth Berndt

  • Another marvelous scene is from Tenchi 2, The Daughter of Darkness when Mayuka describes what Startica is like. ^^)
    Elizabeth Berndt

  • To tell you the truth I can't think of any x-mas scenes.But I would love to see one with kenshin and friends. It would love to see that w/ drinking and calling each other names.
    kris feathers, WA

  • Akane gives Ranma a scarf and Ranma is trying to figure out what it is.
    Bryan Healy, Indiana

  • The scene that instantly comes to mind when I think Christmas is from the anime "Dragoon".

    It is a moonlit winter night. The lunar glow on the snow is warming. The mysterious May had crept from the house of her rescuer, Sedon, because she didn't want to be a burden on his family (soldiers are searching after her). Sedon saw her leaving and runs out after her. In the moonlit he calls out to her and she turns and asks "are you following me?" he answers "why are you running away?" They are standing feet apart in the moonlight surrounded by fur trees. "Sedon is worried about her and tentatively tells her that its dangerous to be wandering around in the middle of the night."May cries that she won't be a burden to his family and that she has to find out about her past, even it is something dark and horrible (she can't recall). Sedon suddonly seems absolute and asks tenderly"let me come with you!" He declares that he wants to go with her, and though he's not sure how he can help, that he's not afraid, and that they could travel the world to search for her memories, as long...
    Elizabeth McDermott, CT

  • Urusei Yatsura Episode 10-Pitter Patter of X-mas Eve

    Lum Stormtroopers are trying to set Ataru up for a huge embarassment by setting up Ataru on a pretend date. Lum got wind of the plan and turned the tables on the Stormtroopers. Near the end, Ataru thanked Lum for saving him from further embarassment. By a bridge, Ataru and Lum exchanged X-mas gifts. Lum gives Ataru a scarf that she knitted. I forgot what Ataru gave to Lum, but I think it's jewelry of some sort, I forgot. Lum was about to fly back to the ship, but Ataru wanted to walk her home. Lum smiled and accepted. They walked side by side. Slowly they held hands while walking back. Still shot of them holding hands. End. Even though Ataru tries to repel away from Lum throughout most of the episodes, deep down inside he really cares for her.
    Roy Kurano, CA

  • I think the most touching Christmas scene was in the second series of Digimon. Take into account the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic. ^^" Anyway, just before Yamato's concert, Sora waited nervously outside with some cookies. She was building up the courage to go in, when who should arrive but Tai!

    I thought this would be an awkward and revealing moment, as it was with all anime. I thought Sora would forget about Yamato, give the cookies to Tai, and all would be well. But to my astonishment, Tai TOLD Sora to go see Yamato!! Even when it was obvious that he had a thing for Sora!! She smiled and went backstage, leaving a sad-yet-happy Tai standing outside.

    I couldn't believe it. Here is the standard couple BREAKING UP!! I was mad at first, but then I thought long and hard. Tai knew Sora would be happier with Yamato, and was willing to give up a possibly beautiful relationship for her sake. And on Christmas too! For me, it's a powerful and eye-opening present, and I couldn't ask for much more.
    Andrea Edwards, AB

  • Big O
    Mark Goforth, OK

  • i would have to say love hina's christmas special
    Blair Charbonneau, ON

  • In the anime "Flint the Time Detective" there is a Christmas episode called Caveman Christmas where Flint has his first Christmas and learns that it means more than presents.
    Liz Barillas, CA

  • The scene in which I'm about to describe will seem rather peculiar. It's not from such prominent titles as "Maison Ikkoku", or even "Tenchi Muyo." This is sure to raise a few eyebrows over at the cafe... My favorite X-mas anime scene would have to be from Di Gi Charat. Episode 16 which is befittingly titled "Usada Explodes" In this episode, Dejiko concots a rather nasty scheme to er... "explode" Usada. Dejiko gives her "special" cake to Usada and Usada, being the naive idol we love so much, accept the cake unwittingly. Now, here's my favorite part. When Dejiko is laughing at her own wilyness, there's a loud "Thump" sound and she keels over. She groans and comments, "Is this what they call pangs of conscience?" I thought this quote was one in a million and thought it was very funny and... dare I say it? Witty?
    Matt Lee, NY

  • In Tenchi and the Daughter of Darkness 2, I thought it was so sweet that they brought Mayuka back so she could be with them on Christmas. It was especially strange of Ryoko to be so kind since she well... isn't.
    Danielle, NC

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