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The Animé Café Christmas 2001 Contest


Here are the Anime stories, poems, songs, etc., entries for the Animé Café Christmas 2001 Contest.

A special thank you to all who entered! Merry Christmas and see you all in the New Year!


the entries:

  • Theme: Jingle Bells:

    Gundam Wing, Gundam wing, blasting all the way,
    defending planet Earth every single day yeah!
    Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing, blasting all the way,
    kicking Zeon butt all through outer space!

    Heero getting mad, Duo acting like kid, Trowa acting cool, Quetra playing it safe!
    Heero cutting up mobile dolls like there's no other way. People on Earth yellin' hip-hip horray!

    Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing on their way back to home time to see what Santa left for Duo...."A LUMP OF COAL?!!!!"


    Chris Bonds, TX

  • Ryoko's Christmas Poem to Tenchi

    What can I get you, my Tenchi?
    Through all the seasons you've been there for me.
    You were my blanket when the breeze was cold.
    You were my shelter when the rain poured.
    And you were so much more.
    What will please you, my Tenchi?
    I want to give you the best.
    But there's something greater than the best.
    It's called the power of love.

    Merry Christmas, Tenchi

    Casey Lee, SC

  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

    T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
    Everyone everywhere was running about.
    Pu'uar needed envolopes. For Goku it was tape.
    Gohan was asking Chi-chi to let him up late.
    They were heading to their rooms when the door started rapping.
    When they answered it there was only a lone baby napping.
    "Isn't she cute!" came the womens reply.
    Then Gohan asked,"Where'd it come from and why?"
    "Everyone out of the way!"Chi-chi comanded,
    "Isn't it obvious the childs been abandoned!
    Well, what ever she's been through it's all over now.
    We will clother and give her a place to lie down."
    Then Goku asked, "What is her name?"
    Chi-chi lovingly responded, "It's Laylane."

    Aliice M. Harden, MD

  • Story:

    "Kami, I have something to tell you," said Mr. Popo.

    "What is it?" Mr. Popo looked up at him.

    "I want to be an elf. I want to live at the North Pole and make toys. I want to be one of Santa's reindeer. I want to conquer that Rudolf kid! I will beat him into the ground and will take Mrs.claus's place. I will take over that toy buissness." With that he hopped on his magic carpet and with an evil laugh, took off for the North Pole. "I'm big enough, I can be Santa now"

    Aisha Lee Nightshade, MI

  • Ryo-oki's Christmas

    Ryo-oki wanted a big carrot for Christmas. She hung her stocking which was three times as big as her. Ryo-oki wanted to wait for Santa, but Tenchi told Ryo-oki she might not get any carrots if she doesn't go to sleep. So Ryo-oki decided to sleep and wait till morning. Ryo-oki dreamed of Christmas morning going into her Christmas stocking finding carrots galore.

    Christmas morning came, and Ryo-oki ran down the stairs, the first up. She went to her stocking and found more than 100 carrots all wrapped in red and green bows. Ryo-oki's eyes shone with glee. She was so happy she began to eat. Then she found a note from Santa which said " Little Ryo-oki, here is a special treat for being a good little alien all year round. Merry Christmas"

    Liz Marina Barillas, CA

  • Song: 8 Days of Sailor Moon

    On the first day of Christmas Luna gave to me a transform brooch.

    On the second day of Christmas Luna gave to me a disguise wand and a transform brooch.

    On the third day of Christmas Luna gave to me Sailor Mercury, a disguise wand, and a transform brooch.

    On the fourth day of Christmas Luna gave to me mean Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, a disguise wand, and a transform brooch.

    On the fifth day of Christmas Luna gave me nothing, but I got a kiss Texudo Mask, mean Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, a disguise wand, and a transform brooch.

    On the sixth day of Christmas Luna gave to me Sailor Jupiter, not the kiss, mean Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, a disguise wand, and a transform brooch.

    On the seventh day of Christmas Luna gave to me Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, not a kiss, mean Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, a disguise wand, and a transform brooch.

    On a eighth day of Christmas Luna gave to me a new weapon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, not a kiss, mean Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, a disguise wand, and a transform brooch and now I got to save the world some more!

    Leslie Lee, SC

  • Story: The Fat Santa and the Disappering Chocolate Town

    Once upon a time, there was a town called Chocolate Town. It was Christmas, everybody in chocolate town was very exited about Christmas. The chocolate bunny citizens have never seen Santa before. They have been very "good" this year, they're hoping for a big "surprise" this year form Santa. Soon, it was Christmas. Every one in chocolate town went to bed early, because they want Santa to come soon. Finally it was midnight. Santa Clause came, and went into the chocolate bunnies bedroom to give them their presents.

    Santa, " Where are the children?"

    Santa paused for a moment, and then saw the chocolate bunnies.

    Santa, " How nice of the children to leave such a great treat for me to eat!"

    And with that, Santa ate all the chocolate bunnies (This is the first time Santa came to Chocolate Town, Santa thought the citizen were supposed to be chocolate people not bunnies)

    Since that Christmas, Chocolate Town was no more. No wonder why Santa was so FAT!!!!!


    Pei-chun Chai, ON

  • Story: Santa's First Impression About Children

    Once upon a time, long time ago. Santa Clause used to deliever the good presents by himself, until one day...while Santa Clause was delievering the good presents to good children, a bad children named Summer came and stole Santa's hat!

    Santa," Good child, please give me my hat back, my ears are cold."

    Summer, " No."

    Santa" Please I really need my hat."

    Summer, " No."

    The conversation went on and on about ten minutes.

    Santa was angry. Summer did not care about what Santa's feelings. When Santa Clause tried to get the hat back from Summer. Summer kicked Santa right in the stomach. Since that Christmas, Santa Clause never deliever the presents by himself again. That is why whenever a child sees a Santa, it is always the parents or someone else, because Santa is at home. Still recovering from the terrible accident.

    The End

    Pei-chun Chai, ON

  • Poem:

    is my mining
    i wll never quit 'til
    i have all of the anime in the world
    cause it is my calling
    and i will never quit
    until i find
    all the

    Cheyenne Scott, AB

  • Joke:

    What is one kind of medication you can use when you're allergic to anime?

    Answer: Esca-flonase!

    Autumn Palumbo, WA

  • Poem:

    There was a small elf,
    with a red noise,
    the other elves punched him,
    so they could watch it glow,
    santa came by,
    to see what was the matter,
    "I get the next punch"
    he said with laughter.
    So the moral of this story,
    if your nose glows,
    cover it up,
    so nobody knows.

    Amanda Valenti, MD

  • HTML Page: Otaku Claus

    Elizabeth Berndt

  • Song: Heero, the Gundam Pilot
    (tune of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer)

    You know Wufei and Quatre and Trowa and Duo,
    Treize and Zechs also known as Miliardo,
    but do you re-call, the most famous pilot of all.

    Heero the Gundam pilot,
    Had no personality.
    When someone had to fight him,
    they would turn around and flee.
    All of the other G boys,
    knew he liked to blow up things.
    They'd never let poor Heero,
    join their Christmas carolling.

    Then came another Christmas Eve,
    Relena came to say,
    Come to my Christmas party,
    and you'll get a new gundam for free.

    Relena had a great time,
    until Zechs threw Heero out.
    For Heero'd parked his Gundam,
    where Zechs and Noin planned to make-out.

    Nga-Yu Chow, ON

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