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[ rated pg ] Record of the Lodoss War

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG
Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Nicholas Hladek:

Record of Lodoss War is an anime series based on a series of novels in Japan. It is released by U.S. Manga Corps in the states and is available subtitled or dubbed.

[ 28kb ]

The story is about how the King of Marmo wishes to sieze control of the island of Lodoss, and the methods of which he goes about doing so. The heroes in the story are Parn (the fighter), Deedlit (the elf), Ghim (the dwarf warrior), Etoh (the cleric), Slayn (the wizard), and Woodchuck (the thief). The story has many twists and mysteries to it, and the curiosity of the final outcome of the series is almost unbearable, yet keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat for more. The best thing to do is to buy the whole series (6 Volumes) and watch on a rainy Saturday.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Overall, the series is a wonderful and artistically compelling work, and the story is interesting and involved. Parents might find some sequences inappropriate for young children--it contains war-like violence in certain parts (it is, after all, a story about a war), but all scenes of especially explicit violence are done tastefully. There is some blood with the dragon in the beginning of the series, but whenever a human is struck the screen blacks out and only gives an outline to hint at what occured. There are very brief moments of rear and side nudity, but nothing frontal or gratuitous.

Record of Lodoss War is a fine piece of anime, but many parts children might find frightening because of violence or the dark magic use. A good story to share with older kids, but it is better to watch and evaluate for yourself before showing it to the little ones.

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