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What the Critics Are Saying --
(about our site...)

... and a few comments of our own.

  • E-Blast (The Encyclopædia Britannica Internet Guide)

    Here's a detailed analysis of our site from E-Blast:

    2 stars (Recommended)

    Resource offering general information, critical reviews, and trivia for Japanese animated films. Also provides a guide to pronouncing Japanese words, images, audio files, links to related sites, and more.

    Ironically, you can't actually see this entry unless you search for 'Japanese animation'. Entering 'anime' will bring up A Parent's Guide to Anime as an one-star ('noteworthy') site, however.

  • The World of Genesis

    Here's a detailed analysis of our site from the World of Genesis:

    This site's design is very simple and straight to the point without much handy dibbles here and there. Though simple, one might be tempted to browse elsewhere, but hold on!! Take a deeper look into the site and you'll be finding yourself drowning in a sea of reviews and infos of tonnes of anime series. Every single episode of any specific anime title is reviewed. Apart from their highly rated and quality reviews, visitors can also take a break and order a few different types of coffee depending on their taste. Brief documentaries and trivial insights into the anime world is presented while waiting for your coffee to be served. If you feel a bit lucky why not join their monthly cafe contest and be able to win anime prizes too. Overall, the design is simple but the content is humongous. This is a lesson to teach us that we should not judge a site by it's cover.

    OK. So we did enter their awards contest... But the folks at Genesis are very straight-forward about what they're looking for... the type of site that we like!

  • We must be doing something right -- The 'Pike has made us a pick of the week for December 29, 1997:

    From reviving cups of "Latte" (the lighter side of anime) and "Expresso" (the dark side of anime), to main courses like "The Anime Encyclopedia". Also on the menu: reviews, trivia and contests. I liked the palate-tickling 'about...'

    To be perfectly honest, a lot of credit has to go to the many wonderful people who have contributed suggestions. These pages reflect not only our work, but the feedback we get from all of you out there who care enough to make a contribution. Thanks!

  • And earlier, barely four months of our existence, we were featured in July's 'Last Exit Before Toll' column by Ryan Matthews:

    Although its selection isn't all that impressive, The Animé Café deserves attention for the care given in writing its reviews. It's nice to read a review that explains, clearly and concisely, why the reviewer has the opinion he or she does, rather than just a sentence or two saying basically that the anime "rocks" or "sucks". Many of the reviews end with little trivia questions about the anime, a cute touch I liked. Mind you, I didn't always agree with the reviews. The lowest possible score for Ultimate Teacher? I laughed my ass off at that anime.

    We'd be the first to agree that our selection is not huge -- yet. But, we're not a very old site -- yet. The number of reviews will continue to grow. As for Mr. Matthews' opinion of Ultimate Teacher -- well, different strokes...

  • Speaking of the 'pike, here's an interesting comment:

    What? Is this heresy I see before me! You are, in fact, probably the ONLY anime website that does not have a link to the Anime Web Turnpike! Blasphemer! Get to it now! Add that link! Go up your text editor and add it! You see? Now that wasn't so bad, was it? : )
    - Tom Price, AnimeLink

    Surprise, surprise! We finally broke with tradition, and put in a links page... Must be the peer pressure.


  • Hello.

    I inadvertently ended up at your site while searching for reviews and product info on graphic/animation software. As my 16 year old daughter & her friends have recently become interested in Japanamation I thought I would take a quick tour. I am very glad I did. You have designed a very nice site!

    At the present time I am taking a course in web site design. Much of the assigned work has involved evaluating large corporate sites as to their navigability, ease of use, download times, content, etc. Your site would receive high marks based on the criteria we have been instructed to use. Many of the large, "commercial' sites are clunky, hard to navigate and miss their supposed target audience. Yours is a refreshing change. I am especially impressed with the level and literacy of the writing.

    Even though the content is not for me personally, I will definitely recommend it the local FanSub groups (and to my classmates to evaluate). I will return to study your site composition since, when I begin designing, I would like to create equally successful and attractive sites.

    I just had to take the time to compliment you on your fine work.

    Mariana Tripoli

    Wow. We don't often get letters as detailed as this, nor as complimentary. Thanks, Mariana!

  • You have a great site!
    - Dennis Huang, Astyle (

    He liked it so much, he wants to use our reviews for his Asian culture e-magazine. (Slick production, by the way.)

  • Hi, I think your site is an excellent resource. Connecting an encyclopedia and a review listing is a great idea, and I'll probably be back to use the information presented in your site for my own pages.
    - Jason Chim (

    The idea to connect the encyclopædia to our reviews was our plan from the outset. When it grows larger, it may actually become useful!

  • Hey, you really can't improve on perfection, but the only thing I would like to see are some more of your wonderful reviews

    Hmmm. Pretty tough to add anything to that one!

  • This site is totally kewl!

    ...and yet another creative way to spell 'cool!'

  • Nice page, but could use Mihoshi pictures.
    - Larry Boeing

    Never fear. Mihoshi will always creep in when you're least expecting it...

We've had lots more positive reponses, and remarkably, only two negative:

  • this is too cheap!
    - anonymous

    This was from our feedback form. No return address, so no way of telling what the writer expects. Generally, I ignore messages when the author doesn't have the guts to sign their name -- and it's a sure-fire sign that it's some little kid (in age, if not mentality) playing on their parent's computer...

  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but your anime page is the worst i've seen in a long time... I've seen better 2meg Geocities anime pages. Don't give up your day jobs (to say the least)
    - Sid Momin (

    As Jane put it, 'My my. Someone's got a bee in his bonnet, or a bone to pick.' At least he had the guts to sign his name...

Ultimately, what you'll get out of these pages is entirely up to you. If you give us some constructive criticisms, you'll get more useful information, and we'll end up with a much better site.

My two bits worth. Now, where did I put that remote?


It seems that some people actually think that this site contributes something to the community! Amazing, but true!

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