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Apocalypse Zero

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: X

For Adult Audiences Only

Review by Bobby Stringini:

Have you ever heard of violent anime? Well this is one of them. This show does everything to be disgusting. From killing innocent people in overly sick and violent ways to having monsters with disgusting sexual symbolism. And all this is done in a weak and boring plot.

The whole story revolves around a young man who has to protect a city, and the disgusting monters who either kill or try to kill young teenagers who live there. To just give you a taste of what the show is like let me tell you this one part. A giant sumo-dominatrix godzilla squeezes a girl's guts out of her mouth.

To say the show is horrible is putting it lightly. It is nearly impossible to watch, and even far more impossible to care about anything that happens. All the animation is strange (in a bad way) and all the characters look like perverted Peanut characters. The monsters are...inventive... but also very disgusting.

No child or teenager should see this show. On the box it says 16+ but that is a total understatment. When there is not horrid violence there is nudity or sex related comedy. To put it lightly if a child picks this video up put it! The show is sick and twisted and just plain horrible.

Violence: Ultra Extreme. There are blood and guts all over. People are squeezed to death, cut in half, melted, and there is a scene that redefines "sucking face".

Sex: All the monsters have sexual symbolism, and all of them have some flesh bared. Also the main hero and main villian are naked quite a bit, as well as other characters. Also there are alot of sexual jokes and sick humor.

Language: Other then some sexual terms and stuff it is pretty light. This is the only thing that they didn't shock us with.

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