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Basara (Legend of)

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Chelsea Spollen:

Legend of BASARA, based on the manga BASARA by Tamura Yumi, is an excellent 13 episode anime, that requires the manga to finish the storyline. The plot is a simple but very interesting story about a girl named Sarasa, who grew up in her native village with her twin brother, Tatara, who is supposedly the "chosen one". When the soldiers of a local tyrant "The Red King" show up to destroy the village, Tatara is killed because of a prophecy that states how powerful he will one day become. Posing as her twin brother, Sarasa begins the difficult task of trying to live up to his fame.

Legend of BASARA is one of my personal favorite animes. It's well drawn, romantic, and the character designs are lovely. Though it was only available in fan-sub format when I watched it, it has since been picked up for US License by VIZ entertainment (the company that did Ranma 1/2). I would highly recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys seeing strong female characters in anime without having to pick up something that has gratuitous breast or panty shots.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

There is excessive violence, but nothing all out gory. In many episodes, Sarasa and her friends use swords or arrows in battle, and there are major character deaths. There is an episode where one of the main male characters is lying in bed next to his wife, and we get the impression (though the area below the shoulders is mostly obscured) that they are probably naked under the covers. Parents may also be offended by a drinking contest in one episode between two of the characters, though it does not promote alchohol. There are many scenes in which Sarasa is taking a bath in hot springs, however all revealing areas are obscured. It may also be considered controversial that Sarasa dresses as a boy.

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