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Bible Black

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: X

For Adult Audiences Only

Review by Bobby Stringini:

Wow, well this one was a real test on my digestive system. I have to wonder why hentai of this caliber is so popular.

I have read many reviews of this title, and almost all of them have been positive. I, on the other hand, feel that this title is just trying to be to much at one time. While it tries to have an interesting plot, it is held back by the extreme number of sexual related scenes. And while it tries to be atmospheric, it is chopped down by mostly unlikeable characters. In the end the audience is treated to something that could have been good, but really wasn't.

This title is a hentai, and I would have to say desereves the X rating more than any title yet. If you are expecting somewhat tame ecchi scenes you are in for a big shock. This has to be one of the most extreme titles available. The only thing is that the cover gives you almost no warning (although Kitty did place an "Absolutly Not For Children" warning on it, which is a warning all parents should follow).

If you are watching this title for the adult content and are old enough to view it, then you may enjoy it. If you are watching it for something more, then you will be somewhat disappointed. Although the art and animation are very well handled, as well as the Japanese voice track (the English track is another story all together), Bible Black cannot pull itself out of the rut it has created.

*Only the first two episodes are available in the USA as of when this review was written.*

Sex/Nudity: EXTREME! Everything but tentacles and the kitchen sink is used in this title. Also the scenes are usually under unsavory conditions, and may disgust or offend more sensitive viewers. Everything is shown and in graphic detail.

Violence: Again fairly extreme. The opening scene alone features a young woman being killed. Throughout the show's hour running time, people are attacked, raped, murdered, and even attempt to commit suicide.

Language/Crude Dialogue: Depends on which track you are listening to. The Japanese track does include colorful language, but is for the most part tame. The English track on the other hand is horrid. Lines are changed and made extremely vulgar, and every time the characters would say "making love" in the Japanese track it was changed to some crude word to describe sex.

Other: Well again it depends on the track you are listening to, but the show does hold some very interesting religous slants to it. On the English track the magic club is portrayed as worshiping Satan, but on the Japanese track the magic club is portrayed as praying to Jesus!

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