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Bio Hunter

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: X

For Adult Audiences Only

Review by Maxx Hoffman:

Bio Hunter is a great anime. I really enjoyed it although some of the violence could have been cut. This anime definitely should not be viewed by children and even some teens for that matter. I think that it should be viewed by parents first. The violence is excessive almost as much as Fist of the North Star. There is also quite a bit of sex and nudity as well. that might not come as a suprise to some being that it was made by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (the guy who made Wicked City and Ninja Scroll). Overall this is an excellent anime. Anyone who likes horror/sci-fi anime will like this anime but it is definitely not for the kids it is for adults only.

Review by Roger Hammond:

A demon virus that turns people into weird, demented things with too many mouths in the wrong places, is spreading through Japan. Two scientists have been assigned to find the cure. One of them is infected with the virus, and is able to control a certain extent. They meet a young girl who's grandfather is in danger due to a politician infected with the virus, and a twisted plot of resurrection unfolds.

This anime was pretty good. It is by the same guy that did Wicked City and Ninja Scroll, so you know it's going to be good. The animation is very stunning (Mad House studio), and the music is very good...even though it can seem out of place at times. However, the movie was too short for my taste. I prefer my demon tales to be nice and long, but this was barely an hour. Nevertheless, it was still satisfactory. And the final battle is really cool.

Personally, the only reason that this is rated X is because of one, short, fairly explicit sex scene. But nothing is seen below the waist, and it isn't anything unusual. Still, it does show a lot...

Besides that, the violence isn't that bad. No worse than say...Battle Angel or Vampire Hunter D. The worst of it was when a few people's hands are ripped off, and a demon guy is decapitated (then comes back to life.) There is also a scene where a demon is on top of a dead, bare chested woman eating her, but you don't see anything besides blood on the ground.

As far as nudity goes, there are a lot of breasts in this, as to be expected in the sex scene, and there is a brief scene that shows a full frontal nude man. There are also a lot of rear ends.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. A lot of people say that this is just a piece of crap rip off of Wicked City. Not true. I highly recommend it.

sex: There is quite a bit of sexual content although the nudity is limited to breasts.

nudity: There is alot of nudity mostly getting their shirt ripped off; there is alot of it.

violence: There is alot of heads getting ripped off and girls get ripped open and the monster eats their livers. Alot of gunfights and people getting attacked who either bleed to death or they get ripped to pieces. If it were not for the overuse of violence some teens could see it.
M. H.

sex: The movie starts with a sex scene. A very graphic sex scene. But nothing weird, and nothing seen below the waist.

violence: A few limbs go flying, a head is ripped off (which is actually not too bloody) and lots of blood. A guy also has his face slashed to pieces, but that is very brief.

nudity: Breasts, buttocks, and a quick glimpse of a penis, and that's it.

profanity: A little, but not beyond 'SH-T'

weirdness: Be advised, there are freaky demon images, like when a woman's breast turns into a mouth and eats a hand.
R. H.

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