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Can Can Bunny Extra

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: X

For Adult Audiences Only

Review by Bobby Stringini:

Yes this title is hentai. In no way, shape, or form should a young child come in contact with this video. There are three total sex scenes (all but one is pretty tame), and some extreme language. There is one brief attempted rape (nothing happens) and I was glad to see that the people who were trying to attempt this got what was coming to them (actually ending up being one of the funniest scenes in the show).

This is actually a good show and, other than the first episode, is very mild in the whole sex department. The characters are funny and enjoyable, but also at times very easy to relate to. They are the only real reason to sit down and watch this show. Everything else (even the sex) plays second hand to the characters (especially the goddesses who don't even end up naked).

The only reason I would write this for a parent is because if a child orders this title you will never know what it is until you see it (or read the back of the box). The title really doesn't warn you about the content of the video (and really has nothing to do with the series in general.)

The 18+ rating works well with the first episode but towards the end I could even see the rating dropping to a 16+ ( even rated the last tape PG). Now like a said no child should see this show, but if you are an adult who can handle some sex I would say see this. You will truly laugh, and even cry, at some of the moments in the show.

Warning: Violence- None

Nudity/sex-Other than the three sex scenes in the first episode (and various others) nudity is very hard to find. There is alot of raunchy and almost pornographic lines in the first episode but don't show up later. There is also alot of sex related moaning.

Language-Gets pretty raw towards the end of the first episode, but again later on vanishes from the series.

Other-This is a hentai title and should not be taken seriously. This may be a cute and romantic hentai, but it is still hentai. In no way shape or form should a child see this video.

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