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Don't Leave Me Alone Daisy

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Bobby Stringini:

This is one of the weirdest, yet most enjoyable, shows I have seen yet. Everything from the characters to the stories are a joy to watch.

What is really different about this show is that, while there is a lot of slapstick violence, nothing really bad is ever present. There are a few mature jokes, but they would just fly right over kids heads. The only reason this show deserves a PG is because of the way Techno acts. He can come off as extremely cruel and inhumane, but in the end you see that he is just not used to interacting with people and really doesn't know what right and wrong are.

The story is pretty weird. A young boy who has lived in a bomb shelter his whole life sees a girl and falls in love with her. He then declairs that her name is Daisy (even though it is Hitomi). Then all through the show he is trying to get her to stay with him, but he does that in the most unconventional ways I have ever seen. Then add in some quirky supporting characters, two pet missiles, and alot of slapstick humour and you have the entire idea of Don't Leave Me Alone Daisy.

Older kids should get a kick out of it if they can stand subtitles (because that is the only format available). Plus there are some very funny moments where you can't help but laugh.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Violence: All slapstick and never involving blood or gore. Sometimes it can be a bit much but in the end it just comes off as silly

Sex/Nudity: Some mild adult jokes and one character is zapped with a laser so his clothing vanishes but nothing is seen because he quickly covers up. Some may find Anni's costume a little strange (her costume is blue but the chest is pink).

Language: Nothing that I could find. Not even a damn or a darn.

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