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Battle Athletes Daiundoukai

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Raven Cross:

Flash forward to the year 4998. Now picture that the entire world has been sent to a teenage, all-girls, athletic hall filled with girls packed with talent trying to be the next "Cosmo Beauty," one girl in the entire universe who has what it takes to beat anyone and everyone she faces - every time.

Now picture the one hyper teenage girl who absolutely cannot, in any way, do anything athletic, but still managed to be in the school because her mother was a former Cosmo Beauty. This girl is Akari Kanzaki. Akari's good friend, Itchan, is helping her train. She wants to be as good as her mother - and to go to the University Satellite (in space, of course) with two other girls from her school, to compete for Cosmo Beauty.

The first 10 episodes (3 volumes) of the TV series are not at all in the OAV, which starts as Akari leaving for the University Satellite.

The OAV is 6 episodes long, and the TV series runs 26 episodes. After that point in the TV series, everything just goes insane but is funnier than ever.

Battle Athletes Daiundoukai is hilarious and everyone should see it. Check it out!

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Violence - None with weapons, but there's a bit of bullying.

Nudity - Some. It's not detailed or sexual, but at first Akari and Ana *think* it's sexual, so that could mean it is.

Sex - Some. Mostly just jokes.

Profanity - Not too much, but worse in the dub than the sub.

TV Series
Violence - Some. Not much more the OAVs.

Nudity - Slightly less than the OAV.

Sex - More than the OAV. Kris is obviously a lesbian, and makes advances towards a scared Akari about every second. Also Ana (I honestly can't remember if this was true in the OAV too) has ... something in her lower area girls shouldn't have. (It's not shown, or actually said, but Akari freaks and screams "What's THATTT???!" And we get an answer something like "Don't you have one!?" with a response "No of course I don't!!!!!") There's more than the OAV, but still nothing young teens and maybe preteens should have a problem with.

Profanity - About the same as the OAV, again, noticeably worse in the dub.

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