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Dirty Pair Flash

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Raven Cross:

Picture the world far into the future. Computers that you can talk to, and some serious fire arms. Enter Kei and Yuri, working for the government. Their Code name: Lovely Angels. And get this, they're 17. Yuri is your typical boy-crazy "I-prefer-the-sword" ditzy, rash, but loving girl. Kei is your typical tomboy "I-prefer-the-gun" tough girl who, despite not being able to admit it, has a sweet side. While both characters seem so much like so many other characters, they're both likable. And the best part is they don't get along - at all.

Besides Yuri and Kei - the cast of Dirty Pair Flash isn't at all boring. There's Flair, an ex-lovely angel, who has turned 'evil' for unknown reasons. There's Lilly - but I won't even go there. There are also several government workers, whose names I forget actually, but their characters are also important.

Back to the plot - It's really quite original, despite not really looking that way. There are plot twists, and you won't fall asleep in this one if you manage past the first episode, which is a little bit dull. The rest of the episodes are all action-packed, funny, and overall entertaining.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Violence - Mild. Not a whole lot of blood is shown, but there are lots of guns being fired, swords being waved around, and other violence. It's probably no worse than something off Xena.

Nudity - In the first episode, our starring characters Yuri and Kei and are having a chase scene for at least 12 minutes. During these 12 minutes - their clothing slowly tears and falls away. When it's almost gone, they transform. Nothing is actually shown. In the 5th episode, Yuri is shown in the shower, but she keeps herself covered. Kei is also almost always skimpily clad.

Sex - A joke or two; nothing of note.

Profanity - Slight. Nothing of note.

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