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Fatal Fury: Double Impact

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Rachel Rooney:

Fatal Fury: Legend of Hungry Wolf:
Jeff Bogard world-class Martial Artist is killed right before his sons' Terry and Andy eyes, the two brothers then devote their lives to fighting and learning their father's techniques. But only one of the two brothers can learn the legendary Hakkyokuseiken. Who will it be-Terry, the street fighting lone wolf or his younger brother Andy, trained in Japan in the deadliest of Martial Arts?

At a bar, Terry meets the beautiful Lily who was one of the witnesses of his father's death, while Geese Howard, the man who killed Jeff Bogard is keeping Lily trapped ever since that day of Jeff's murder. Will Terry and Andy get revenge for their father's death and will Lily be set free from her cage?

Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle:
After Andy, Terry and Joe go their separate ways, Terry Bogard meets a young street punk named Tony. When Tony asks Terry to teach him Martial Art techniques for Tony to be stronger, Terry is faced with the evil and deadly German nobleman, Wolfgang Krauser and is beaten in battle... Terry's pride is then shattered and walks the streets drunk and confused. Will kick-boxer Joe Higashi, Andy, Tony and bouncy ninja girl Mai Shiranuni be able to get Terry to rebuild his pride for a rematch with Krauser?

The animation is pretty good. In fact I like it a lot. The action scenes are great too, lots of Martial Art stuff! The dubbed version isn't all that bad. Though they do sometimes change sentences around which is annoying and unnecessary, so you might be better off with subtitles, of course. You can buy Fatal Fury Double Impact on DVD which is 120 mins or you can buy them separate on VHS.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Language: The dubbed version actually has more such as, d-mn, h-ll, a--, b-tch and b--tard. Subtitled had just d-mn and h-ll once or twice.

Sex/Nudity: No sex. You do see Mai in the bath, but nothing is shown at all. Then there's the really revealing outfits Mai wears, but that's about it. Mai gets her breasts squeezed by an old guy at one part.

Violence: Of course there is. Martial Arts remember? But nothing too bad. The same stuff you'd usually see in Street Fighter or any other Martial Art animes. You'll see people coughing up a lot of blood, spirts of blood here and there. Joe does get a gun shot to his back and its shown, but it was hardly disturbing. Tony is a young kid and does get beat up a bit, not much though. Guys get thrown around, hit seriously hard or get killed. But none of this is graphic or disturbing.

Rating: PG to PG-13. It's a great anime and I think even people who don't like Martial Arts will like this. Just keep really young kids away from Fatal Fury.

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