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Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Rachel Rooney:

A young man named Laocorn Gaudeamus, descendant of an ancient clan is trying to collect all six pieces of the invinceable godlike "Armor of Mars" to take revenge on the people who persecuted his family all those millenia ago. Now it's up to the help of Terry Bogard, Sulia Laocorn's beautiful twin sister, Mai Shiranui, Joe Higashi, and Terry's younger brother Andy to stop Laocorn from finding the last piece of armor before he becomes a god.

The animation looks a little different from the OAVs, better though. More 'motion picture' like. Pretty much the same action and stuff, but with lots more explosions, bigger powers and awesome Martial Art action. Again they switched sentences around, but with better jokes in the dubbed actually and a lot more information, but not really needed information since you get the idea, I think. You can get this on VHS and DVD, runs 100 mins long.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Language: Again more cussing in the dubbed version like, d-mn, h-ll, b--tard (Andy had fun saying that), b-tch once, a--hole once, and f-cky once said by Laocorn to his sister. Subtitled just had, d-mn, h-ll, and b--tard a few times.

Sex/Nudity: Zero sex. A shower scene of Mai, her breasts and behind show, but that's all. Two fast flashes of Mai's breasts and Sulia's. The rest are just Mai's skimmpy outfits as usaul. Also while Sulia runs along on the street you'll here in the dubbed version only, "Yeah man. I saw your sister naked!" Right... Not a big deal, but just thought it should be mentioned just incase. Plus Joe Higashi will say some things in the dubbed verison, but nothing you pay attention, and its all in humor.

Violence: Little more graphic blood, but not by much. Some guy gets a gunshot to the head, not very disturbing to under 13 year olds, but younger kids might freak. You'll see Kim get smacked against a window and of course there's some blood there. There's one scene where Sulia stabs her self in the arm, but not shown, then you see her stab her self in the chest which might scare a little kid. The rest is just the usual guys getting thrown around against walls, hit hard and/or etc.

Rating: 13+. That's what the box says, and they're about right.

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