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Furi Kuri (FLCL)

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Steven Anteau:

FLCL (or Furi Kuri) is a comedy/drama that moves at breakneck speed over 6 epsiodes. The plot is impossible to explain without writing at least 4 pages but it revolves around the maturity of a young boy and a woman with a diesel powered guitar runs his life then robots start growing out of peoples heads. Amazing to say the least.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

I was leaning towards an M but I decided against it. On first inspection there's not too much wrong with it but on a second viewing, you realise there're a LOT of sexual jokes in it. The whole thing is about Naota's sexual maturity. However it is all VERY light hearted and rarely ever vulgar.

Violence - this is episode by episode. There's mech fighting in each episode but a few go a little beyond. In one, the entire thing revolves around gunfighting. There's no blood but many people are shot at point blank range. In another episode there's some blood and we see a man's decapitated head. There's also a lot of romance/comedy type violence.

Sex - Again very hard to talk about since it's episodic. Some have little but others are jam packed. I'll go episode by episode.

  1. At the beginning a girl hangs on a guy in a very sexual way and says "I'm going to overflow", and in an insane manga panel scene a boy is accused of fondling a girl
  2. little to none
  3. this is one of the heavier episodes. A girl sleeps at Naota's house and tries to coerce him into having sex with her. I believe there's also an erection joke. During the final battle there's a joke where the girls pants come off and they try desperatly to put them back on
  4. None to be mentioned except one may take the ending as a metaphor for an orgasm
  5. Naota's dad tries to have sex with a women numerous times but is always unsuccesful. One girl is also in a towel for the first few minutes. There's a joke where the father jumps at her crotch but a boxing glove comes out and knocks him away
  6. Naota tries to kiss a girl and someone says I love you to another person. In another insane manga panel scene a man streaks across the screen nude but has a mosaic covering his crotch

Nudity - only 2 occasions of a butt crack

language - just damn and hell

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