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A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Michael Wilson:

Garaga is a high adventure suspense movie. In the far distant future, a team of researchers crash through a portal in a spaceship, lose control of it, and the pilot is forced to land on a mysterious planet (that just happens to be conveniently on the other side of the portal) called Garaga. This planet is inhabited by an enslaved humanoid warrior race of apes that serve the unknown purposes of a General and his fellow android. Suspense builds as the real reason for the ship's accidental crash landing on the planet and the true intentions of the being that truly rules the planet is learned. The team, which is made up partially of undercover high-ranking special agents, combines forces with a telepathic race of humans to destroy the evil rulers on the planet. As the movie continues, there are more and more plot turns and they eventually get very lame. The creators try to make the plot far more complicated than it needs to be by constantly introducing more groups of characters, each of which is essential to the plot. Perhaps the worst thing about it is that all of the characters are obviously not Japanese, but Caucasian, and, of course, the hero is brown haired and handsome and the leader of the telepaths is a blonde beauty. Some of the older audiences will see this as lame, but it should appeal mostly to those under the age of 13. Though there is some bloody violence in the fights with the apes, but not in any way disturbing and easily forgetful.

The artwork and animation is not particularly to die for and neither is the music. But that is what you probably should expect from so many of these late 1980s anime movies. From what I know, there is no manga version (comic book version) and it is by the same group of people who created Appleseed. The U.S. Manga Corp. only produced a subtitled version.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Nudity: None, but when two of the women wake up from suspended animation, they are wearing some fairly skimpy outfits, but nothing worse than a two-piece swim suit.

Sex: None.

Violence: There is plenty violence and at times it does get bloody, usually when the apes' blood splatters everywhere before they die. This is not, however in any way disturbing because it is simple cartoonish violence and the blood just looks like badly drawn light red paint. If there was ever an anime to earn the fake blood award, it is this one.

Profanity: Not too bad, a few cuss words here and there. Because it is subtitled, children will not catch every word spoken as in dubbed anime and they may not read every word on the screen. It really is no big deal.

Garaga is suitable for most audiences and if I could give it a rating, it would be PG.

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