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A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Raven Cross:

Sometimes, there is a series that stands out as one that will never be forgotten. A series that others cannot even begin to stand up to. Gasaraki, in any sense of the word, is not one of these series.

Gasaraki is a said "Mecha" series, however, very little mecha is actually seen or piloted. (At least not in the first few episodes).

If I were to look at my shelf and pick one tape I would recommend to avoid at all costs, Gasaraki would be it.

What little plot I saw, all involved some weird guys with mime-style make-up dancing. The people monitoring this dancing became upset because one of the dancers was making up his own dance and not following the one programed.

Sound boring? Well, it's worse than that. I heard raves about Gasaraki, but it isn't even worth renting. The only time I say go ahead and watch it is if it's free. Even then, don't be surprised to doze off.

The series may get better after a few episodes, but I'm not sticking around to find out.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Please note this information is based only on the first few episodes.

Violence - Some. Nothing you won't see on the Sci-Fi network.

Nudity - None.

Sex - None.

Profanity - Minor, Nothing of note.

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