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Generator Gawl

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Ruby Arbogast:

Three friends from the future go back into the past to prevent a scientist from making a discovery which will destroy mankind. They end up coming back to the wrong time, and having less time to accomplish their objective, they need to go undercover quick. The three friends Koji, Ryo, and Gawl, go undercover as new students at the University where the scientist in question resides. It goes from quick and witty at times to very serious and dramatic. I think anyone could really enjoy this anime.

Additional review by Erin MacDonald:

Three boys arrive from the future to stop a great holocaust. They arrive later than expected, giving them less time to accomplish their task. An additional problem crops up as "generators", or humans who can 'grow' mecha-armor', arrive from the future to try and stop the boys. They go undercover as students in a new high-tech university. As students, they rent a room from a young girl (who also goes to the university and is, of course, the love-interest of choice), and her mother. The boys must reach their goal and not reveal their secrets to their new found friends.

The dubbed version from ADV is very good, one of the better ones that I've seen. I would recommend this very interesting sci-fi story. The plot and characters are well-developed, and there are many more subtle jokes that aren't forced on the viewer. It is both jovial and serious, representing a realistic veiw on life. Both children and more adult audiences should enjoy this show.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

There isn't really anything to worry about in the anime, I heard d*mn once or twice. The only thing a parent may want to think about is the violence. It isn't all violence, in each episode I have seen so far Gawl has to fight off some generator, once again threatening human life. Some blood but nothing really scary. I think if you didn't watch this series before your child you wouldn't have to be worried. - R. A.

Warning: Profanity: Mild at best.

Violence: Generator Gawl is slanted towards the fighting genre, and there is a fight almost every episode. There is blood, but not much. Injuries are dealt with in a realistic manner.

Nudity: There is a scene in a public bathroom where the characters are shown completely naked. However, they are all apparently dolls, and no genitals or nipples are drawn. I would expect most kids to wonder at this. (I sure did!)

Sexuality: None. The romance mostly consists of fighting, until they finally just admit they like each other. - E. M.

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