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[ rated pg ] Iczelion

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG
Parental Guidance Advised

Review by Michael Fletcher:

Years ago, the only protection for the Iczels were the elite group dubbed the Iczers. (For ore info., see Iczer-One.) Robots, also called Iczers, were invented at that time to assist in protecting the universe from the various powermongers and bandits. Now, two of the such, full of avarice, turn their eyes upon Earth. Already three Iczers have found their human match, so they can become Iczelions. However, those three must convince Nagisa to fight for the sake of her home planet.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

As with Iczer-One, there is a bit of nudity when the Iczer combines with the human to form an Iczelion. However, it is fairly brief, and along the same lines as Sailor Moon. If you're worried about bad language, check it out before allowing your children to see it. The worst bit of violence is at the beginning, where it shows a little gore, but the rest is mostly explosions of various robots.

Overtly sexual situations are relatively rare, but innuendo is a regular feature, and Godai continually finds himself in awkward situations in which his character and fidelity are called into question. Part of the story involves a men's cabaret, which is depicted in a sanitized fashion. Cursing is mild, but fairly common. Nudity is rare and mostly implied, not shown, although Akemi is used to lure the male viewer in early episodes. As described above, some characters regularly put down Godai, and while they justify this in their own minds, their cruelty is a poor substitute for real friendship and is a bad example to kids. There are a handful of slaps to the face in the series, but no violence.

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