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[ rated x ] Urotsukidoji / Legend of the Overfiend

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: X
For Adult Audiences Only

Review by Don Kreipke

Fairly decent animation and storyline accompany this strange tale of demons and other supernatural beings vying for control of mortals on Earth. It exists in the form of several different videos, variously edited. There is abundant violence in this video, usually bloody and excruciatingly graphic. The violence, however pales in comparison with the extraordinarily explicit and prevalent sexual content. Techniques included are putting the animated "camera's eye" in places where one would usually never, ever, ever think of putting it. Also noteworthy is the uncanny ability of some male demons to sprout masculine appendages of medically impossible size from anatomically impossible areas. This video struggles arduously with the normally simple intellectual task of distinguishing sexual assault from consensual sex. A very controversial video. Some fans regard it as boldly avant-garde, while others deem it merely pornographic.

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