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Love Hina

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Steven Anteau:

Love Hina is a basic shounen anime. The plot is taken almost directly from Maison Ikkoku.

Keitaro is a third year ronin (failing college student) with no money. He wants to go to college to meet a girl from his childhood. His grandmother runs an all girls dorm. To help him out Keitaro's grandmother gives him a job at the dorm as kanrinin (resident manager). Of course he slips and bumbles in wrong situations and gets beat up and to add to things he falls in love with one of the dorm members.

The characters are all very light hearted (especially Su-Chan) and enjoyable. Every character has a good back story and adds a lot to the show.

The romance aspect is very heart-warming. Keitaro is such a goof but never gives up on his dream. The last two episodes will leave you in your seat crying your eyes out. Love Hina is my personal favorite anime.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Violence - is at a minimum with the only exception being Keitaro getting beat up. It's all done in a humorous fasion of course and there's never any bloodshed.

Language - None to be accounted for except damn and hell.

Sex - standard shounen style of course. We never see any nudity (thanks to shadows, fog, or just stuff in the right places) but there is an erection joke, several breast gags, Keitaro falling in wrong places, a heavily implied lesbian relationship (that doesn't amount to anything) and only one nose bleed.

There are MANY spa scenes but in all of them they are wearing towels... until the last half. The last half gets a litte more graphic. There is still no nudity however it gest closer than ever as no one wears towels anymore and the females breasts bounce more.

Overall it is highly enjoyable for the whole family with the right supervision.

Additional Comments by David O'Neill:

This is a warning about episode 25. This episode contains more almost nudity then previous episodes. Many times, through the episode, they get as close to showing as they possibly can, which is even closer then the previous episodes. Also, there is one butt-shot. It is not shown for long, but it still is nudity, which is absent from all of the other episodes.

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