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Magic Knight Rayearth OAV Series

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Lexie Troxler:

Review for - Volume 1, Dubbed
The Rayearth OAV is a series about 3 girls, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu. They star in another series, Magic Knight Rayearth. However, the OAV series seems to lean towards the male audience, although girls will enjoy it too.

In the OAV, the three girls make a fanciful wish to stay together forever under a enchanted cherry tree, which is said to be guarded by a fairy. Hikaru befriends the fairy, Mokona, and she, Umi, and Fuu are the only ones able to see it. Later, Hikaru recieves powers from the deity Lexus. Another world comes to Earth, trying to take it over and destroy it. Hikaru fights and defeats Alcione for now, a evil person with bad intensions for Earth.

The plot may be hard for young children to follow, so I recommend it for older kids. THIS REVIEW IS FOR VOLUME ONE ONLY.

Reviewed by Erin:

This is a review of Volume 2 & 3 in the OAV's series. I watched the sub & dub of Volume 2, and the dub of Volume 3. All were well presented.

Rayearth Volume 2:
Before Alcyone can kill Hikaru, a man by the name of Lantis appears and rescues Hikaru. However, Lantis seals Hikaru into a magical maze, forcing Hikaru to prove her worth while watching helplessly as her friends are being hunted down.

Meanwhile, Fuu and Umi must seek out their Deities, while avoiding the attacks from Ferio and the child-warlock Ascot. These two have been ordered to destroy the Knights before Fuu and Umi can realize their destiny.

Rayearth Volume 3:
Umi, Fuu and Hikaru are finally united after working together to defeat Ferio and Ascot. However, these battles are nothing compared to the girl's final opponent. Eagle, Princess Emeraude's brother who has travelled through the gateway between Cephiro and Tokyo. Calling upon the help of the spirits of the dead, Eagle attacks Lantis and Ferio, while facing the Magic Knights with a giant armored spirit beast unlike anything the girls have encountered before. Eagle has sworn to destroy the girls and everything they love, until the universe itself no longer remains. Now Fuu, Umi, and Hikaru have to find out if they truly have what it takes to prevent the destruction of two worlds.

Overall, I found the three OAV's quite entertaining. The story is quite different from the Magic Knight Rayearth TV series, so it is simply best to try and to forget about the TV series and just watch the OAV's with an open mind. The animation was actually quite good; clear shots, colours, and very expressive characters. The music was well blended with the action. One can actually learn some knowledge about the Japanese culture in Tokyo from the three girl's perspectives especially in the second video tape. The three girls strength and dedication to each other is also very refreshing, and teaches a lot about the power of friendship.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

There is mild nudity when the girls fight,they sit naked inside their deities. (No detail is shown, though). There is also a scene when the Princess climbs out of the water. However her hair covers her body. Blood and gore is in Volume 1 too, as when Alcione's hand is torn to shreds, and when Hikaru is is covered in blood from war. L.T.

Swearing: Eagle swears at the Magic Knights once in the 3rd video, but that's it for the OAV's. (In the dub anyway)

Nudity: There is some 'blank' nudity when the girls transform into their deities, but nothing is shown.

Violence: There are lots of separate battles and fights that occur, but the blood spilled is minimal. Blood is not really emphasised in the battles. There is one scene however that some might find objectional where Eagle deals with Alcyone's failure to kill the Magic Knights.

Objectional Relationships: Eagle's attitude/relationship toward his sister is a bit weird, but nothing really to be worried about in the overall story line. E

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